profilepolaroidIf you don’t know me already, I’m Aimee, the gin drinking author of the  The Survival Series. 

Dottie Harris is the hapless heroine that everyone can relate to, and these laugh-out-loud books are packed full of gin, parenting and chick-lit humour. My latest book Mothers Ruined is out NOW and available in paperback and digital formats. linegroup

Mothers Ruined is the forth book in The Survival Series which also includes hilarious novella Survival of the Ginnest, festive short Survival of the Christmas Spirit and cheeky free download Lush in Translation.

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For a limited time only, signed copies of my books* are not only the same price as on Amazon.co.uk but they also include FREE delivery!


(don’t forget to tell me who I’m making it out to – just add to the seller notes on your paypal screen x)


(don’t forget to tell me who I’m making it out to – just add to the seller notes on your paypal screen x)

*UK Only

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