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When you love the little things.

17 Oct , 2014  

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HOW can it be the end of October already? HOW is it nearly half term, and HOW in eight sleeps is my baby FOUR? And HOW have I not had time to join into this linky for WEEKS? (I blame getting used to doing 3 school runs a day). So for the first time in a […]

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Everything Else

17 Years of The World (Wide Web)

14 Oct , 2014  


I realised recently that over the last 17 years I’ve been using the internet pretty much non-stop. Yes, that’s right. While I’m feeling a bit on the older side of life, I realise that I’ve been using the Internet for SEVENTEEN years.

Fast Food

Fast Fish that cooks while you drink wine.

8 Oct , 2014  


I’m a little bit guilty at the moment, of spending a few too many nights on Just Eat. I don’t mean to, I have the best intentions, I LOVE cooking, I love good healthy food, and I love to know what’s going in it. I do promise I’m enthusiastic…I mean LOOK! This is us outside the […]

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Fast Food

Cooking in autumn: top tips

7 Oct , 2014  


Easy autumn recipes are the perfect saviour when it comes to making the most of this season’s produce. From pumpkins and apples to sweet potatoes and squash, there are a number of seasonal ingredients to choose from and here we look at some great options for you to try.

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How It Is

Bad Mums Club – Useful Children.

6 Oct , 2014  

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I’ve got it! I’ve FINALLY found a reason to having kids, you know, other than when you grow old and they have to look after you. What? Wait? Sorry…you mean…yes, OBVIOUSY the happiness, love, and smiles they give me is enough to make up for the lack of sleep, tantrums, and alcohol habit they’ve also […]

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What I’m Writing This Week – A Process

2 Oct , 2014  


Being self-published can sometimes be tricky. I write because I love it – and I’m hopefully good at it! But the reality is, that with most people who write books, you can’t just spend all day every day writing that book. You’ve got to make some pennies somewhere. For me it’s copywriting, blogging and a […]

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How It Is

Plastic Babies – are they worth it?

1 Oct , 2014  


Last night we were watching Jon Richardson on the TV, he’s had a documentary out the last few weeks and last night’s episode – the final in the three part series – was about children. You can find out more about the documentary and Jon here. He’s very funny. ANYWAY, as part of this documentary […]

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Everything Else


29 Sep , 2014  


Happy Monday! (Well it’s not Tuesday is it!) On Saturday I woke up at 6am to a small child talking at me and I really wasn’t feeling the love. Then Mr Aimee refused to get up and get me a sausage and egg McMuffin (SELFISH) so I felt the love even less.

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Everything Else

What I’m Writing This Week

23 Sep , 2014  


If I said that this week hadn’t gone to plan that would be a lie. NO I didn’t hit word-count target (I was 1,164 words out coming in at 3,836), but that’s not the weeks fault. That’s procrastination’s fault. I’ve not knuckled down as much as I should have. In fact, after having feedback on […]

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How It Is

An Open Letter To Tuesday

23 Sep , 2014  


Dear Tuesday, I have something to say. Incase you hadn’t already realised, I don’t like you very much.


Everything Else

Autumn Style Wish List

22 Sep , 2014  


Ok, you know how I love the summer and moan about the Autumn and Winter? Well I have a little bit of a confession to make…

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How It Is

Not Just A Mum – vlog.

21 Sep , 2014  


It’s been a while, but here’s my third vlog about confidence. This time I talk about identity, and a phrase which is banded about a lot right now, ‘just a mum’.

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