When they start quoting everything you say…or worse, making their own assumptions.

Toddler moment of the day: Saying “Gooood Morning Mummmmyyy” before he’d even opened his eyes.

Baby Moment of the day: Sleeping through 3rd night in a row…fingers crossed

Theo has been at the stage where he repeats things you say for a while now…for example one day I left my keys in the back door which meant Matt couldn’t get in after work so had to come through the front door…he shouted up the stairs “OIII dumbass” (so respectful) and  this was automatically followed by a little (but loud) “OIII DUMBASS”.  Ooops.

Recently, I’m worried what Theo has been saying at nursery.  For example, they are fully aware that I’ve been known to use Mr Tumble as my baby sitter (especially in the mornings when I’ve wanted a peaceful shower, I’ve set 3 up in a row on sky + *blush*)…the poor girls have been hugely embarrassed when one evening Daddy has picked him up and Theo’s said “Daddy…Big Dicks?”  This actually means “Daddy…Biscuits?” but it’s caused an uncomfortable silence then nervous laughter.

Theo has an elephant memory, it’s quite unnerving…he remembers where his girlfriend Meg lives, even tho’ we’ve only been in the car about 3 times (used to walk), he knows when we’re on the way to grans, on the way to Nan and Grandads, and knows when we’re on the way to “school” (nursery)…and I’ve noticed this memory is extending to other things…for example last night he randomly started on the “Theo’s a good boy…Daddy’s a good boy…Larry’s a good boy” He then said “Mummy’s a good boy?” and I said “noo…Mummy’s a good girl” and he said “Mummy’s a fatso”. Thanks Dude.  Love it.  So a couple of days ago you refer to me as no tummy and big boobs, and today I’m a fatso.  That’s because yesterday morning when he said somebody about Larry, I said “Larry’s a fatso, Mummy’s a fatso” and he’s remembered it.

The thing with toddlers I guess, is you shouldn’t take things to heart, but at the same time, you should listen, because often there’s an element of truth in there, which could cause some uncomfortable but amusing moments.

Two of my nephews funniest quotes when they were little are:-

“Grandad, are you and Grandma staying in my room tonight?”

“no sweetheart, there’s only one bed, only Grandma is staying tonight”

“but Uncle Matt and Auntie Aimee sleep in the same bed” (before we were even living together)

And…to somebody who had crashed their car…”Is your bottom hurting because you were driving too fast again and landed in a ditch?”


Theo has some classic lines recently…

Me: “Theo are you having fun today?”…as I scrape play doh off my antique dining table

Theo: “nooo mummy *laugh*.  Theo have fun with Daddy….daddy at work”


Or, on being asked if he’s eaten his dinner today…

“nooooo, Mummy eat Theo’s dinner.  Mummy yum yum chips..Theo eat yogurt”

Or sadly, on seeing a glass of red wine…”Mummy’s Juice.”

And on that note…it’s Mummy Juice O’Clock.





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