When you develop your own language.

Toddler moment of the day: “Eoh has a WeeWee *nod*, Daddy has a WeeWee *nod*, Larry has a WeeWee *nod*, Mummy have no WeeWee *head shake*, Mummy have no WeeWee Mummy have just bottom *nod*”

Baby Moment of the day: Wetting himself laughing whenever Theo looks at him.

Over the weekend, and yesterday I realised that Theo has helped the Horton family develop our own language…not only have you the obvious changing swear words to something more obscure at the last minute “OH BOL…BOLBBINS, BLOBBINS”..but something I’d not really clocked with friends/family who had toddlers, is that as they’re learning to talk your kids develop their own words until they can form certain ones properly.  For example, for about a year, Ball was actually “Brr”, and other words have become more and more amusing as he’s growing up.  The thing is, as a family who dotes wholeheartedly on Theo, we’ve stared to develop our own language and repeat Theo words in place of the actual correct pronunciation…Theo also tends to have actions, which is very cute (and as a proud mummy, I think is very clever that he actually is trying to express himself to help us understand what he’s saying, however from some of the actions, I fear Matt had something to do with them…).

Thing is, I’m beginning to get caught out, and leave myself slightly red faced.  For example the other day, when somebody asked me if I had a tissue, I said “hold on a second, I might have one in my potchet”.  I often say I’m going for a “wiiwii” (not to be confused with a WeeWee), and I’m not sure if I like how that shirt looks because the “butchun” gapes at the bust, and we’re going “Wimmin” accompanied by the breast stroke arm movement.

One thing I haven’t started repeating subconsciously…yet…is “Pooh” *insert squat, grabbing upper thighs and grunting and doing a pushing out face*.  This is hilarious, except for whenever I go for a wee, it gets repeated, fine if it’s just the family, but when you have visitors, even if you’ve just nipped for a wee, you often get him wandering up to your guest and saying “Mummay go for a Pooh” *insert squat, grabbing upper thighs and grunting and doing a pushing out face*.  This I think is his sneaky way of making sure I don’t use the toilet as an excuse as a naughty five minutes of peace.


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