When you don’t know if it’s Tumeric or Pooh under your nail.

Well, I’m officially back at work, it was only two days, but it felt amazing to be wearing clothes for more then a few hours that didn’t have sick, snot, pooh or wee on.  It felt amazing not to have every discussion include bribes and threats of no tv/chocolate/biscuits/grandad (sorry grandad) etc.  However, I did realise that even when I’m back to work full time there are still going to be certain areas I wont be able to forget I’m a mummy for a very long time.

I won’t be able to put my hands in my coat pockets without removing a packet of raisins/biscuits/a snotty tissue.  My regular bribes which I always keep in my bag/coat pocket for when we go somewhere where the attention span will be nil-zero.

It’s going to be a long time before I can look at that yellow stuff ground under my lovely manicured (false of course) nails and be 100% sure if that’s turmeric from cooking last night’s curry (from this amazing book) or whether it’s pooh from the middle of the night nappy change which required a full wipe down and vest and PJs.

I seem unable to get certain songs out of my head.  Britney, Girls Aloud, Garbage (the band not the type of music I listen to) and Celebrity Tarzan are all distant memories…now it’s the CBeebies season song (summer is still my favourite), Miffy theme tune, or showing me your craaaazzzAyy moves.

No matter how hard I try and keep my car clean and tidy, it will be a long time before I can take more then one and a half adults anywhere, unless anybody is willing to sit in one of two car seats….and the one and a half adults may have to swim through the dropped Smarties, bottles of Fruit shoot or sometimes if they’re lucky an apple core which I have no idea how long it’s been there (with this car it can date back to September 2010 so not horrific, and in this weather it’s probably been frozen in time anyway…).

My mobile phone wallpaper is no longer a beautiful photo of a beach/flower/pair of shoes…it’s a photo of my boys (aww).

Finally, when I go for my nights away, I will no longer want to stay up having a drink into the early hours before staggering into my course/meeting/back to the office, I will retire at 9.30pm and have a lovely uninterrupted night sleep…except that  I’m automatically tuned to wake up 3 times a night and get up at a pre-7am assigned slot.



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