W/E: 25/09/2011 – When they drop you in it

This weeks also include some comments which are either exaggerated truths or things that would have potentially dropped you in it if there had been anybody around to hear the conversation aka a “missed opportunity”

MISSED OPPORTUNITY – Phone’s at the table

I am the first to admit that I am addicted to my iphone, it’s constantly around and I feel lost if it’s not.  However I’m strict and Matt and I have regular arguments at family meal times where I get mad if he farts around on his phone (HTC).  Last week I was giving Larry his tea and Theo was sitting opposite me, as I was feeding Larry I was tweeting and suddenly Theo pipes up “Mummy – we don’t need our phones at the table”. Doh.

DROP IN New Shoes

I bought some new boots and carefully hid them under the bed so they could ease their way out as part of my winter wardrobe.  Matt and I are in the lounge and Theo drags them in and says “Daddy – Mummy bought these today”.

EXAGGERATION – Poohs in the swimming pool

Arriving at Nursery talking about his holiday “Daddy did a pooh in the pool”.  They laugh and look at me nervously.  I’m then left to explain that no he didn’t do an ACTUAL pooh in the pool…he just pretended to pooh and shot a beach ball from under his bottom out of the water and into the air making a pushing sound. (yeah, that felt wholesome to explain).

FIB – Larry the bully


DROP IN – Big Fat Barry

We got into the habit of calling Larry “Big Fat Barry” (not sure why), so now Theo calls Larry “LarryBarryBigFatBarry” everytime we pick him up from nursery.  Yeap.  Another great conversation.


We have a friend who we like a lot, however she’s rather “constant” (if I think she’s constant think how bad that is!).  She’s quite loud, and we can often hear her when we’re 3 floors up and the windows are shut and she’s outside.  We MAY have a few times referred to her as “XXX-rar rar rar” because sometimes it feels like all she actually says is “rar rar rar”.  The other day we spotted said person across the street and he said “oh look XXX-rar rar rar”.  Thank GOD she wasn’t within ear shot.



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