When you lose a life line.

Today is a very sad day indeed.  After 19 months of friendship (best friends) my beloved iPhone had an accident, I fear it is the end of a long and loving relationship with Ivan, and it is definitely a separation of a few weeks while we send him off to the doctors via the insurers to see if he’s repairable.

Ivan came into my life after a lot of thought and deliberation.  I have always been a bit of a phone addict (I blame this man here), and as soon as I could I bought myself a Blackberry Pearl.  This was the phone I kept the longest (until Ivan came along).  I used to get bored and sell them on ebay and replace frequently, but the introduction of affordable smart phones  changed my life.  Now I could merge my texting addiction with my online obsession.  Now it was all in once place.  It was AH-MAZE-ING.  I kept Bert throughout the first year and a bit of The Beast, he performed well and took numerous photos that I was able to email or upload to facebook or twitter for free.  He also offered me a life line I feel many new mums needed…contact with the outside world, along with company during those long sleepless nights, hour long night feeds and long drawn out days when it’s too wet to go anywhere and your bloody gorgeous newborn WON’T SLEEP AT ALL.

When it came to upgrade I opted for the Blackberry Bold – it seemed the obvious choice.  I wanted to stand out from the crowd, not be a sheep and follow the iPhone clan!  He didn’t even last long enough to get a name.  Battery failure and constant chugging meant a new battery and ebay for him, buying out the contract and I gave in, and got Ivan.

Oh Ivan.  Ivan who kept me company when I was so heavily pregnant I genuinly couldn’t stand up.  Ivan who took the first photograph of FatLarry, Ivan who kept me addicted to twitter and facebook and awake with Solitaire and AudioBooks during those long sleepless nights.  Ivan who helps me with my calorie counting, my running, my email, videos my children IVAN IVAN IVAN.

When I sent Matthew the photograph of the damage and explained that I keep getting teeny tiny shards of glass in my fingers when I touch him he just responded with “well don’t use him until we get him sorted” (note how he also refers to my phone as a person not an object?).  It got me thinking:

Are we becoming addicted to our phones?

In true Carrie Bradshaw style I could write a long post judging society, talking about our addiction to social networking, not being able to cope with being out of touch from anybody, in virtual or “real” reality.  But I won’t because I think we all know we are, judging by comments on Facebook and Twitter, people agree.  Losing your phone these days is like losing a limb.

The insurance people have told me it could take “at least a few weeks” to sort/fix/replace.  How will I get my news feeds?  How will I reach for my phone and tweet what sort of night I’ve had with my children?  How will I get a quick photo of the kids and share it with my mum?  Some people might say I should use this oppertunity to break free, go cold turkey a little bit.  I don’t agree with those people…I have yet to think of a solution.  So in the mean time.  Could we just please all bow our heads and mourn the loss of a dear friend.


February 2010 – September 2011


  1. mishmashmum

    This is so funny, but unfortunately so true (as I sit typing this from my phone… Please don’t judge, I’ve lost the dongle for my computer… Honest… Now I know how palpatations feel… I can’t cope… I neeeeed my dongle baaaaack!)*pulls herself together* RIP Ivan

  2. Mammasaurus

    I’m lucky in that my mobile is so crap that I can barely get online on it – if it was to die a death I’d have a party… now there’s an idea! Anyone have any ideas on how I can ‘accidentally’ break my mobile?

  3. PollyBurns2

    I know this is going to be me in a few months. I’m finally giving up my old pay as you go and getting an iPhone next spring when I know I’m coming into enough monthly cash to pay for all the bells and whistles I know I’ll want. I imagine losing it is like having your right arm cut off. Think I’ll call mine Steve, though. 🙂

  4. Sili

    Love it! You are so right! And I think its awful that they won’t give you at least a loaner. It’s obvious Ivan is not repairable. Sheesh!

    I’m having an anxiety attack just thinking about the possibility of not having my baby for a week! Well, if it wad my real baby I could sleep all that time but, my phone? Not so much!

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  5. Mum2babyinsomniac

    Haha, I am just about to write a post about my phone! My Blackberry completely froze the other day and has been sent off for TWO WEEKS! They didn’t even have a boring phone replacement so I didn’t have any phone at all and I was in such a bad state that night that I cried! My OH thought I had lost the plot but I honestly had a breakdown. I know how sad that is but since having Iyla, like you said my phone has been my lifeline, I blog on it, stay in touch, use twitter, facebook, email, text. I couldn’t manage one day without it so I have to buy a samsung wave 2 to tide me over until I got it back! Then it is going on ebay! x

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