W/E: 09/10/2011 – When they drop you in it

I’ve opted for just one “drop in” from Theodore today.  Short and sweet, and one of the reasons his tantrums are forgiven (and he got a packet of Haribo for his honesty).

DROP IN – Bottoms

The Beast confirmed that he is not as loyal to Daddy as originally thought.  Walking round Sainburys the other day we “split up” (as you do) and were gathering our different purchases in a hurry before melt downs happened.  We knew it wasn’t far of as The Beast already “needed” to be carried as he was “too ttyyeeee-erd” to walk.

So Matt is carrying the Beast, I’m pushing Fatso, I’ve gathered my stash (semolina flour, yeast and malteasers) and I’m hunting for Matt who should have gathered his (cherry tomatoes, mozzarella pearls and wine) when I hear the foghorn that is my son “NO DADDY, MUMMY HAS A NICE BOTTOM NOT HER”.

It turns out (as I witness Matt hide behind some shelves) that he’d mentioned in passing to Theo that that lady over there had a nice bottom.  Theo didn’t agree.


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