When you get to make a Versitile Blogger & Leibster Blog Acceptance Speech

I only started blogging properly again a few months ago – and have become slightly addicted, so when three bloggers (that’s right THREE) decided to award me two different Blogging Awards/Badges recently to say I was very chuffed is an understatement

The beautiful (too beautiful – cow) Sian of Pie and Bear and also the inspiring Jenny from Cheetahs in my Shoes have both awarded me The Versatile Blogger award, and my new guilty read Mum2babyinsomniac has awarded me The Liebster Blog Award.


THANK YOU! This is fan-dabby-dosey.  To me, it means that people are enjoying what I write so a massive YAY is in order.  I initially started to blog because an old friend suggested it based on my regular Facebook status updates.  I soon found it (as many of us do) a bit addictive along with being a useful outlet for my frustrations, although struggled to keep up with it when struggling with the Work Life Balance of working full time.  I also discovered that I actually appear to make people laugh…I never thought of myself as funny.  Just a bit dim.  Blogging has even encouraged me to start that book I always wanted to write (let me know if you’d read it?!)

Obviously there are certain responsiblities which go along side these fab badges.  So here goes.

I have to:-

1. thank the blogger who has awarded me and link back to them

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Siany PoosJenny and Mum2babyinsomniac Everyone – go read their blogs.  They are all individual whilst still being interesting, fun and inspirational.

2. Share seven thing about myself

Urgh.  Ok.  Boring alert.

1) I was called Kermit for the first 2 days of my life until they FINALLY decided on my name (which I never have liked).

2) I actually quite like ironing.  I often line up some trash on the TV and spend a good 4 hours catching up on the pile

3) I’m addicted to American Teen Trash. 90210, ANTM, Teen Mom, My Super Sweet 16, Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  I JUST CAN’T HELP IT!  The problem is, now I’ve hit a certain age I’m still in denial that I’m never going to be Buffy when I grow up, you know, since the show is set around the teen and early 20 years, and I’m not that anymore.

4)  I cried when I turned 25. ‘Nuff Said.

5) Whilst I am a bit of an obsessive cook, serving everything with drizzles/shavings etc. and try and make everything from scratch, I have a guilty pleasure for “nursery” food.  Such as beans and sausages and Birds Eye Potato Waffles (they’re waffley versitile).  Oh and I can also polish off 6 Yorkshire Puddings (at least) in one sitting.

6) I’m scared of scary movies.  Like. Seriously cannot sleep/stop thinking/dream about them – to the point where even certain trailers cause the need for Matt to accompany me to the toilet *shame*.  We will NEVER have downstairs patio doors since I saw SCREAM.

7) Nothing I do is ever good enough.

3. Pass the award(s) along to other newly discovered blogs

Blimey. oh. Riley. These aren’t all newly discovered, but are all great reads in their own ways:









Thanks again.  Now I need to drink more coffee and tidy up the dump that used to be my lounge.



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