W/E: 23/10/2011 – When they drop you in it

Oh Theodore, Theodore.  Thanks Dude.

EXAGGERATION – Again Mummy?!

It’s been a bad few weeks of bad nights with Larry, what with those blasted teeth and then he was poorly, and generally rubbish.  It was like having a new born again.  I’ve been run down with SPOTS (DAMN YOU), and so a couple of times Matt has been very kind and let me have a few lie ins.  However, because he remembers when I was poorly a couple of months ago and had to stay in bed, everytime I close my eyes to stay in bed instead of getting up with him he says “You’re not poorly AGAIN are you Mummy”.


This is so unfair!!! I NEVER get to watch any of my TV when the kids are at home.  This is fine, if we have the tv (LOL – if, of course we’re having the TV on, it’s my most reliable babysitter!) it’s CBeebies, or Toy Story DVDs.  However, last night Theo made a completely UNFAIR accusation.  When Matt asked him what he’d been up to that day, he didn’t mention going on a bear hunt in the woods.  He didn’t mention playing with his Friends, he didn’t even mention the fact he fell over and grazed his knee. No.  Instead he said “Mummy sat on the sofa.  She had a cup of tea.  She watched TV with a silly girl on it”.  This DIDN’T HAPPEN!  But of course, is totally believable becuase it could have been ANY of my trashy programmes on Sky+.

DROP IN – She hurt my head

So.  When I FINALLY got Theo in the car to go to nursery the other day, (he’d been farting around and in the end I hoofed him in and shoved him down) I *may* have knocked his head on the top of the door frame when I picked him up and chucked him in.  He didn’t cry, just told me off and insisted I kiss it better and say sorry.  When we got to the door of the Pre-School they did the usual “Morninggg Theo, how are you today?” “My head hurts.  Mummy hit it when she threw me in the car”.

Seriously Guys – Please share yours – I need to know I’m not the only one who’s daily mortified by their 3 year old?!


  1. SaraHewitt1975

    Haha, when my eldest was small she told her dad I pushed her down the stairs! She hadn’t been near the stairs nevermind fallen down them!

      1. SaraHewitt1975

        She is nearly 12 and is so honest these days. She even told me she had misbehaved in class when they had a supply teacher!!

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