What’s your favourite Mr Kipling cake?

God I love cakes.  Exceedingly good cakes.  I have been known to buy Angel Slices for the children, then convince them they don’t want them so I can finish them off (whilst hidden behind the fridge door).


What’s your favourite Mr Kipling Cake? Are you an Angel Slice lover or is the classic Cherry Bakewell what floats your boat. Mr Kipling is putting this question to the nation with the launch of the new Kipling Cup competition.

Simply vote for your favourite Mr Kipling cake as it goes head to head with other Mr Kipling favourites. There is still time to vote with a quarter final, semi -final and grand final where the winning cake will be crowned.

After the first round of votes the classic Cherry Bakewell was leading the race with 4,898 votes, with the Viennese Whirl coming up a close second with 4,406 votes. Regionally it seems Londoners are mainly Cherry Bakewell fans while cake lovers in Edinburgh are all about the Bramely Apple.

So what’s your favourite? Get voting at www.kiplingcup.com or get your friends involved and you could win four packs of your favourite Mr Kipling or if your cake wins a round you could win a year’s supply of cake  – now that would be something to get exceedingly excited about. 



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  1. Mrs Dubai

    It’s too hard to choose. I love Angel Slices. I love Viennese Whirls and Bakewell Tarts. They all featured heavily in my pregnancies. Bt I think on balance it would be a Country Slice with that crispy sugar on top. Nom-nom!

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