Operation Feel Good – Update

I’m not sure if the weather has been a help or a hindrance to my lifestyle change.

The shining sun always puts a spring in my step and makes me feel optimistic about even the most pressing of problems.   I’m in an annoyingly good mood, prancing about, painting patio furniture and happily hanging out the washing to dry, however, the sun always makes me feel entitled to a sneaky glass of something naughty with my lunch/whilst listening to the Grand Prix/while having dinner on the patio, followed by a massive ice cream or six.

But I can’t.  I can’t cave.  I can’t use the weather as an excuse.  If I do, it goes against everything I’m trying to prove, that I can change.  So since my original post on Wednesday I’ve tried SO SO hard to be good.  I’ve not been perfect, but I can see an improvement.

I wont break it down by day, you don’t want my daily food diary, but let’s put it this way, Thursday I slipped, and yesterday was hard.  No kids, the sun, the garden. I did ok though, plain tonic water with lime, a small rose spritzer, and just a lovely chicken and roasted vegetable salad.  Yes I KNOW there is still alcohol every day, I never said I was going to ban it completely, if I did that I’d rebel, I’m so arrogant.  It’s like a diet, if I start on a Monday the very next day I fall off the wagon big style with a Two for Tuesday at Dominos.

Running wise, I’ve been awful.  Lazy.  So tonight I’m going. I AM I AM I AM I AM I AM.


But here’s the thing.  I am starting to feel different.

One of the big differences is that I’ve been struggling to get to sleep.  This might sound like a negative, but in fact it’s a positive.   I know that I used to fall happily into an alcohol induced sleep and wake up mind whizzing in the middle of the night.  By struggling to go to sleep it’s a good thing, it means when sleep finally engulfs my body it’s natural and right.  Right?

When I am away I’m not stressed or worried.  I’m lying their feeling alert, but relaxed.  Enjoying the feeling of my bed, considering READING.  I haven’t read anything since my last holiday.  Until this weekend I haven’t felt humanly able to do anything other then crawl from sofa to bed.

I’m feeling good.  I don’t know if it’s the small changes I’m making or just a coincidence, but we’ll see if it continues.



  1. Helen (QueenofBiscuits on twitter)

    Don’t stress about ice-cream, have a smoothie instead.

    Raid the frozen section of tesco/sainsbury/asda/etc for frozen strawberries/berries/fruit you like(fraction of fresh cost, still all the nutrients)
    0% fat Greek yogurt
    Milk (skimmed/semi/almond whatever you fancy)

    Blend together 2 cupfuls of frozen berries, 1/2 banana, 2 large tablespoons of greek yogurt and cup of milk. Pour/dollop into large glass, add straw. IT’S DELICIOUS.

    Also found these 2 recipes but not tried them yet:
    Raspberry & Strawberry Milky Lolly
    Serves 4

    * 16 x Raspberries (80g)
    * 10x Strawberries (150g)
    * 100ml Natural Low Fat Bio Yoghurt
    * 100ml Semi Skimmed Milk

    1. Slice up the fruit.
    2. Throw all the ingredients into a blender and blend till smooth.
    3. Divide into 4 lolly makers and freeze over night

    Banana & Chocolate Lolly
    Serves 4

    * 2 Medium Bananas
    * 3 Tbsp Natural Low Fat Bio Yogurt
    * 6 Drops of Vanilla Extract (Optional)
    * 60g Dairy Milk Chocolate
    * 2 Tbsp Semi Skimmed Milk

    1. Chop the Banana.
    2. Put the chopped banana, yoghurt and vanilla extract into the blender and blend till smooth.
    3. Divide the mix from the blender equally into 4 lolly makers and pop in the fridge.
    4. Break the chocolate up into pieces and put it in a glass bowl with the milk.
    5. Half fill a pan with water and heat it up on the hob so it boils.
    6. Now place the bowl with the chocolate in over the water and continuously stir it so the chocolate blend together.
    7. When you have a good melted chocolate mixture take the bowl off of the water (mind the steam) and leave to cool for 5-10 minutes at room temperature.
    8. Now top up the lolly makers with the chocolate mixture and freeze over night

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  2. Mrs Dubai

    Hello, I’m so glad to have discovered your blog. I love it.
    I also struggle to reduce the wine intake and find the same – when not drinking, it’s tricky to get to sleep, but then you get a long, natural, refreshing sleep rather than night-waking with a racing mind. the evenings are also longer when you don’t drink!!
    Good luck with it – mrsdubai xox

    1. Post

      Hello! Sorry for rubbish slow response, I hope you are doing ok? Thanks for the good luck and commenting x

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