Fad diet failure? Life Style Success? I need you!

Don’t worry – I haven’t vanished, I’m just on holibobs.

However, following on from my last post about fad diets I’d really like to hear from YOU lot.  I really want to prove that fad diets aren’t good for us, but life style changes are good if we need them.

As per my post, I’m not naive.  I kinda get the weight loss desperation/hating body/lack of confidence thing…however, I can’t believe we risk our health for a figure that is only achieved by serious airbrushing/Hollywood style help (or those annoying people who have good genes grr).

Therefore, if you’ve tried a diet and it’s all gone horribly wrong or alternatively you’ve changed your lifestyle to save your health PLEASE PLEASE let me know.  Just click here and drop me an email with your story and I’ll respond on my return. I’d really like to post some on the site.

I can’t wait to hear from you.




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