Introducing “The fairest of them all”…

I love beautiful things.  I love cool things.  I love shopping, and cooing over photographs of outfits, or even better stroking beautiful shoes.  However, in case you hadn’t guessed, there aren’t enough hours in the day.  If I’m not banging away on the laptop producing either articles, emails, or marketing materials I’m constantly clearing up toys from my floor and wiping fruit off my favourite wallpaper, so I don’t have much time to hunt for the new and the amazing.

Therefore, I’ve called in a little help from my friend The Fairest of Them All.

Pale skinned and red lipped, Amanda’s resemblance to the fair Miss White is often remarked upon.  But unless Princess Snow has a penchant for leopard print, Bumble Bee Teas (her cocktail of choice) and builders strength Earl Grey, that’s where the similarity ended.  Or at least it did.  By day, she is all SEO, PPC and OMG.  But by night, you will find her sewing, styling and sourcing the unique, the chic and the fairest.  And so, once upon a time, I asked Amanda to share these finds, so from heels to Hendricks, wallpaper to waspies, The Fairest of Them All was born.


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