When they turn four.

Four years ago to the minute that this blog is posted a scrawny 6lb 7oz Theodore Christopher Horton entered the world.  For the 30 seconds after they pulled him out of me he was quiet.  This is the only time he has ever been quiet for that long.  I had to ask the Midwife to pinch him as I’d scared myself by watching too many midwife emergency programmes back to back during the final months of my pregnancy, and on these, if the baby doesn’t cry something is wrong.  Once he started he didn’t stop.

With the exception of 4am on night 3 of his life where I told Matt I’d changed my mind and perhaps we could take him back and I could get a nice pair of shoes instead, we instantly clicked.

He’s infuriating, loud, constant, smart, hyper, selective in hearing, wired, happy, caring and obsessed with 90’s dance music and Spiderman.

He’s the light of my life, even if most days I just need him TO SIT DOWN QUIETLY for just FIVE BLOODY MINUTES.

He’s changed my life.  After all I no longer sleep, I survive on caffeine and booze, know all the words to all three of the Spiderman movies, and my favourite song is the CBeebies bedtime hour.  But I’m also a better person.  Amazingly more tolerant, more confident (I know), and I don’t sweat the little things as much as I used to.  I look at the world in a different way, and that’s down to him and his NEVER ENDING questions.

So Happy Birthday SpiderTheo.  Don’t eat too much cake, I want some with my wine tonight. x

Happy Birthday Spiderman


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