When they ask a lot of questions.

Brain dead. Here are twenty questions I’ve been asked in the last week.

  1. Why do we live in a house?
  2. How are babies made?
  3. How do microphones work?
  4. Can you make a microphone out of paper?
  5. How does electricity work?
  6. Why don’t you sound like the lady singing the song?
  7. Why don’t you have eyes in the back of your head really?
  8. Why?
  9. Why aren’t I Spider-Man?
  10. Why are you old?
  11. Why doesn’t your car fly?
  12. Why doesn’t ANY car fly?
  13. Can we live in a tree?
  14. Why are Coco Pops not good for you?
  15. Why do we have to sleep in beds?
  16. If I keep my eyes open will I stay awake forever?
  17. Why do we grow?
  18. Why did you lock the toilet door?
  19. How are bogies made?
  20. Why can’t we walk to our holiday? (We’re going to Spain).

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