The cost of raising a child.

So, it’s been reported that the cost of raising a child has risen to £148,000*.  Not really the news I wanted after a particularly trying night with The Chunky Monkey.

When you think about it, that’s rather a lot isn’t it? Especially if you times it by two horrible monkeys and suddenly it’s £296,000, is that how it works? Or are you meant to use hand-me-downs to save some money? Easier said than done when the second child is the same size (if not bigger) than his older brother.

So here I am, after dropping both the children off at holiday club, having spent the morning being told “it’s not fair” that they can’t have chocolate Angel Delight for breakfast, breaking up fights revolving around Lego, the iPad, and who is the better Spider-Man and I must admit, as I plonk down at my desk with a Diet Coke, trying to ignore my mile long to-do list, I have foolishly let my mind wander.

What could I buy if I hadn’t decided to have children?

Instead of a house near a good school with a child friendly garden stuffed with stair gates and plastic toys, maybe a little apartment overlooking the sea?


And perhaps, a little car with a little boot that doesn’t have to worry about fitting car seats, pushchairs, and ground in biscuit?

Handbags which don’t contain nappies, leaking bottles, and stray raisins and cheddars

Shoes which don’t go near muddy puddles

The newest gadgets and gismos where “touch screen” doesn’t mean “with biscuit fingers”

But I’ll tell you what.  It’s worth every single penny to see this.

Well, not every single penny, I really really want that Fiat 500.

*Information from the BBC News Website.


  1. orangemush

    they are cute…and I also love that Fiat, my husband laughs at me and I tell him that me and my Italian lover will enjoy it without him.
    And as for fucking raisins…grrr found one lodged in my bra over the weekend. REALLY.

    1. Post

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