Lunch Box Time.

I hate lunch box days.  I mean, they’re a pain in the bum aren’t they?  You have to remember to have food in, you have to remember to make them, you have to remember to put them in your car and then you get them back at the end of the day and it’s all where it was when you left it, except of course now it’s covered in the remnants of a smoothie carton, because that’s the one thing that they reliably will open and finish (nearly).  Plus, they clutter up my already bursting tupperware cupboard.

Last year when The Beast first started school I attempted to appear like a good parent, I’d include little pots of chopped up tomatoes and cucumber, or grapes and blueberries.  I’d cut his sandwiches into dinosaurs and put a super special treat of a homemade flapjack in.  The fruit and veg would come back in a slightly more sloppy form, the sandwiches would come back with the heads bitten off, and the flapjack…well that would be gone.

I would much prefer to opt for cooked dinners five days a week, pay my money and not have to witness the waste of food or my time, however, The Beast loves lunch box day, he lives for it.  It’s the one thing he’s been banging on about since before he even started school, plus it’s tradition, so we compromised and he has a pack up two days a week.

Of course, that means we have to get a new one each year.  Last year was Spider-Man (obviously), but this year he wanted, and I quote “something really cool”. Oh for crying out loud.  I suggested Avengers “no”, Turtles “no”, Star Wars “no”, and just when I was scratching my head I got an email asking if I’d like to review this lovely lot.


It looks cool doesn’t it? The Beast let out an audible gasp and raced across the room when he saw it.  He tore off the packaging and was super excited.  We had a practice, then on Tuesday he had his first official pack up in it.

We use the drinks flask as his daily water bottle which he takes into the classroom every day, which I know he’s rather chuffed about people telling him it’s super cool.


The little pots are great for raisins and mini cheddars (I only photographed the raisins, perhaps those who don’t read this will be under the illusion that the other pot has mixed nuts in or something equally as healthy).


The lunch box is great, but I do have a few niggles.  I like to put his sandwich in tupperware which leaves very little room for any proper fruit or drinks. Plus his little hands struggle to open the box, although that does get easier the more you load into it as it becomes a bit heavier!  I’m also sure with a bit of ease it will become loser.  However, in the meantime I’ve fixed both problems, I’ve put the box in a cool bag, and around the box I’ve fashioned a handle out of an elastic band.  Neither of these things really seem to bother him, he loves it and is rather proud of his “cool” lunch box.  Another plus is he’s started playing with his Lego more, which is great as I am better at playing that then I am He-Man.

mainbluebox mainblueboxband mainblueboxbag


You can buy the lunch box for £9, the flask for £9 and the mini boxes for £2 each.  They come in a range of colours, and I have a sneaky eye on the pink ones for me.  I’m sure I NEED them!

Please note, I was lucky enough to be sent the lunch box and drinks bottle to review by STORE .


  1. Helen Rothwell

    NINE QUID and then you have to put it in another cool box? Ha ha ha ha No. I do like the mini boxes however. I keep having to put Alexanders grapes into a plastic cup and then put tinfoil over the top. Mothering fail.

  2. MrsB | Mind over Matter

    The school my kids go to has no kitchen. Packed lunches x 2 for 5 days a week! Some days I really rage against it but then I just get on with it and it’s ok (doesn’t help that one of my kids is gluten intolerant and the other one just doesn’t eat sandwiches because he doesn’t like them). They love Lego but it seems a bit weird to be putting boxes inside a box inside a lunch bag 😐

  3. wagonmaster1

    This is adorable! I have love/hate with school lunch, which I pack every day. I get into the fact that I am providing for my kid but he’s so darn picky I get bored of the stuff I’m putting in. He has three to chose from – Spiderman, a Butterfly one and another superhero that’s with him today, my fave one as it has a =n attached water bottle sleeve. Oh, this is fun isn’t it??! x

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