Keep Little Hands Busy…While You Make Your Blinds Safe.

Ok, here’s the thing.  I’ve always been a TAD on the emotional side, I mean, it’s not normal to cry at Saved By The Bell is it?  But since I’ve had the boys I’ve stepped it up a level and now every news story with children, especially if they’re around the same age as the monkeys, causes me to get a bit twitchy.  One especially is to do with blinds.

You know where I’m going, I’m not going to bring you all down, it makes me feel sick just thinking about it, and whilst I’m not the most over protective of parents, but I always want them to be safe, obviously.

According to a recent survey by Apollo Blinds, even though most parents are now aware that children can strangle themselves on looped blind cords in the home only a third of us have actually taken the steps to fit safety clips or make sure blinds are safe, even those fitted in children’s rooms.

So while Apollo Blinds is ensuring everyone who buys new blinds gets free child safety devices fitted as standard, it also wants everyone to know how easy it is to make blinds safe on existing blinds in the home.


1. Do an audit in your home – are any looped window blind cords dangling untethered? Even if they’re high up, they need to be tied back – children often climb!

2. If you’re unsure, call your local Apollo store for help and advice or even a free audit. Visit

3. Select the best type of safety device for your blinds – cord cleats can be used for romans and venetian cords, while P clips are great for vertical chains

4. Place the cleats or clips where they can secure the cords. Mark the screw holes and drill holes. Insert raw plugs into the holes then simply screw the hooks or cleats to the wall.

5. Wrap excess cord around the cleat hook or secure the chain/cord into the clip.

cleathook pclip

These two clips are the cheapest way to make blinds safe, but there are other products available from operating wands and control guard cord safety devices to cordless blinds as pleated, venetians and roller blinds.

Plus for the latest innovation in the home that’s also child safe, how about fitting motorized blinds that are operated with a remote control just like the TV and don’t need cords at all.


Call Apollo Blinds for any help and advice. You can find your local store by visiting


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