When it rains.

So last week the rain started. I’m not saying it was all day every day, in fact, some days it’s been quite lovely, but on one day it decided to rain all.day.long.

On that day I woke up, and I crawled into the shower like normal. Then I dried my hair and opened the blinds. That’s when I saw the rain.


So there I am, jollying the children along “oohh look those shreddies look YUMMY and not at all like cardboard” that sort of thing, all the while crossing my fingers and willing the rain to stop.  Finally, it’s time to go and as I order them to zip up (coats and mouths) and walk them to the car, getting a wet back as I check their seat belts, and then I go back to the house, grab my bag and peruse the coat rack.

There has to be something.  In the end I select my denim jacket. Big.Fat.Coat.Fail.

I grumpily get into the car  in a bit of an arse, because it’s raining, because we’re late (how long does it take to put on a pair of shoes?) and because I know I’m going to hit traffic.  Which I do.  Because of course, nobody wants to take the bus or ride their bike or walk to school in the rain (shut up, I know I’m driving, but I live further away AND I drive every day).  By the time I get to school all the decent spaces are taken up, the very last one that was any good was taken up by my friend WHO HAS A HOOD ON HER COAT, and so I had to drive all the way down the road and abandon it randomly.

First. World. Problems. You see, I need to ensure you understand, I don’t park close for the children, I park close for my hair.  Anyway, I had to trudge through puddles, and behind slow walking people with umbrellas before The Beast jumps off into a puddle and soaks us both.  By the time I’ve kicked the child through the door and trekked back to the car water is dripping down my face.

Yes I KNOW a bit of rain doesn’t hurt anyone, that’s the quote I used when talking to the children, but here’s the deal, a) it doesn’t count when it’s me getting wet  and b) I’ve not quite got my rainy day wardrobe out of hiding yet.  And if I did, I don’t have an appropriate coat.  You see, I have my winter coat, my beloved Parka, my coat which is warm, toasty, and just SO cosy,  and I have a few macs, none of which have a hood.

Take an umbrella?  Erm.  I’m shorter the same height as most of the children, I’m going to end up poking most of the children’s eyes out with a brolly, so for me, hoods are the perfect option.

So I came home, I made myself a brew, and I fired up the iPad deciding a little bit of retail therapy would be the answer.  I ended up scrolling through the range of women’s coats at K&Co.  I made myself another brew, then I came back and produced a short list.  Now it’s been a few days I still can’t decide which to go for (coat buying is VERY serious business in this house), the criteria is fairly light weight so I can wear it Autumn and Spring, waterproof and with a hood.

This is probably the one I should pick.
This really isn’t what I was looking for, HOWEVER…


None of these tickle your fancy? Head over to K&Co.com and take your pick!

I wrote this post in collaboration with K&Co.  Who am I to turn down the excuse to legitimately be allowed to look at coats?


  1. JEF

    I remember when I was just out of college I lived in NYC on the same block as a halfway house. It was raining hard one day and I was not dressed properly and running home from the subway. There was a large, well, frankly put, a large mental patient standing in the doorway of the halfway house and I caught his eye as I ran through the pouring rain. He smiled and shrugged and said, “It’s only water”. I’ve never forgotten it. Still. I like the one with the animal print!

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