When you’re as MAD as a March hare.

Happy March!

Traditionally March is one of my favourite months of the year (The Month of Aimee with birthday and Mother’s Day AND SPRING), and whilst last year I wasn’t in such a great place, this year I’m back on track, because this year March is the one month anniversary of my final “career change plan”.

It’s been a long process, longer than I ever thought it would be and I’ve been banging on about this for years, getting close to three I think. You see, it’s a big deal, thirteen years into a career that you’re good at and get paid well for, just deciding to give it up. 

It had been building for a while if I’m honest with myself, probably before I’d even had The Beast.  I kidded myself, thinking it was the company, the people, thinking I was restless, but if I’m honest, it just wasn’t the job for me anymore.  I think I was shit at games, and that I cared too much. 

I continued on for years after the niggle began, however, after being offered the dream job, the job that “this had all been for” I caved. I couldn’t do it, even the lure of the money couldn’t tempt me this time and so I quit. Went into hibernation, trying to work out what I wanted to do with my life instead. 

One day my friend suggested I set up a blog, so while I was in hibernation I poured myself into that, finding myself getting sucked in further, putting fingers to keys feeling right.


What I’d always wanted to do, but never dared, never confident enough.

But what sort of writing?

Stories, books.  But books don’t just magically appear overnight do they? 

For nearly three years, I have been plugging away building up enough work that I can bin off my old career which I kept ticking over at minimal level in the background, loathing it, hating it more every day.  Then in January we made the decision it was time. I closed off my final project, raised my final invoice and was done.

It’s been bloody scary. Working for myself, on something that I’m still relatively new too, so that sometimes it feels that everyone wants to do is lonely and isolated. I often finish up and head onto the school run not really quite back in the real world, and I doubt myself, re-reading what I’ve done late at night, worrying that I’m wasting those hours.

I wrote 55,000 words in February, and deleted (well not deleted, put somewhere else for another time) 20,000, and I had a wobble “what am I doing?” and then I got a tweet telling me I’d been nominated for a Mad Blog Award.

I was shocked, I went to check the site, and as I worked my way through the categories, I worked out I’d been nominated for seven.

Best Baby Blog

Best Blog Writer

Best Food Blog

Best Family Fun Blog

Best Pregnancy Blog (!!!!)

Most Entertaining Blog

Mad Blog of the Year.

(You can read about the categories here)

Thank you.

It came at just the right time, to be listed amongst so many other blogs which I read and love (although, I’m not pretending that there are some blogs there that I look at and think “HOW?!”)

This time last year I was doubting myself, thinking of jacking it all in and going back to what I knew I did best, but luckily I had a few special people who stopped me, gave me a kick up the arse, reminded me that it’s a game you have to be in for the long haul.

Since then I have written and released two books. All on my own. I thought I needed an agent and a publisher to be proud of my achievements, but actually I don’t.  “Dottie” came about because of you, my readers, my followers on Facebook and Twitter, and for that I will always be grateful, and she’s coming back in a few months time, in the form of a full length novel, and that’s down to all your amazing reviews and words of encouragement.



So where do I stand with the MAD blog awards if I write stories? Honestly…I don’t know. I know that if you think I’m deserving of one you still have time to nominate me you can do so by clicking here (the way it works is that to get through the next stage you need as many nominations as possible).

MAD Blog Awards

Nominations close on Friday 14th March, good luck to everyone x


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