The Cinema

It’s half term. It’s raining. It’s only day two but I’m worried about cabin fever, we have soft play tomorrow, and the outlaws are taking them off my hands on Friday, so today the Cinema seemed like the obvious choice.

My view of the cinema – RIP OFF. Luckily we took advantage of the kids club which made it less ridiculous, but we got totally got on the sweets. Admittedly, I usually take stuff in with us so this isn’t the case, but  thought “oh it’s a treat it won’t be that bad.” I am an idiot. It’s ridiculous. NEVER AGAIN will I decide not to take the sweets in my handbag – if I do, you can point and laugh when I can’t afford gin for the rest of the month.

Here’s what the boys think…


  1. Jordan

    Totally about the sweets here too.
    Such cute videos. Love hearing everyone!

    *walks away singing Everything is Awesome….*

    Ps – love the new look blog!

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  2. Katrina

    Goodness me, those videos are too cute!! Theo- well, clearly the sweets have kicked in right? If thats not a sugar rush smile, i don’t know what is? & Larry, What? How my heart melted ‘i think i loved the lego movie’ awwwww!!!
    Totally with you on the price of tickets, & food is crazy silly prices!
    The last time i visited the cinema (drum roll) was for the inbetweeners movie before bear was born, in 2011! I’d love to visit more, but at £10 odd EACH just for a ticket, the hubs wallet remains tightly sealed…the old scrooge bag!! Xx

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