Putting things back together.

It’s been nearly a month since I pressed the button on Dottie and after spending the first part of my self-enforced break in a bit of a daze it’s time to get back to things.

It’s been an intense few months, totally my own doing, after all, I set the deadline. But that doesn’t take away from things being so absorbed on getting the words out that something had to give. That something happened to be the house. Oh and food, but that’s another story all together *wobbles belly*.

The house is an embarrassment. I know I was recently featured in Mother & Baby magazine talking about how we should embrace the #clutterarti and enjoy our time with the kids, and you know what, I really do believe that. My house looks like Toys R Us has thrown up all over it on a regular basis, but right now it’s ridiculous. The boy’s bedrooms were basically an explosion of toys strewn everywhere, and whilst I know kids rooms are meant to be a bit untidy I think the line had been crossed. After all, how are they expected to sleep with half a Brio track under their pillow?

A few weeks ago, before I finished Dottie, I got an email asking if I’d like to review a Lego toy box to celebrate the success of the Lego movie. I was walking across the lounge with my head in my phone reading it, and as I did I stood on something. I’d like to tell you it was Lego – what an awesome cliché that would have been. It wasn’t though – it was a Shreddie.  Anyway, I said yes, and it came quite soon after.

Top View
From the Side

I used it, as I do with anything new, as a bribe. Letting The Beast open it once he’d gone to sleep by 8pm three nights in a row, and he was thrilled. To look at it you think it’s quite small, and I was thinking it wouldn’t fit anything in it. In fact, I was a little disappointed. However, to save face and totally take advantage of the kids I sent them off to find every bit of Lego we own. Initially they were very “but can’t you do it while we play on the iPad?” and so I hid the iPad and sent them away while I made myself a cup of tea.

It turns out we have a lot of Lego and Duplo. They filled the box, and then sat down happily and started playing again.

He actually played. ON HIS OWN
PROUD face!
Even this one joined in.

In fact, the box inspired me to get my bum in gear, and while The Beast was away on his school trip I totally gutted their toys – including selling a load of baby stuff on eBay sob – and now The Beast has a big boy room, and The Chunky Monkey’s is actually rather relaxing. Amazingly he’s slept through a lot better since *touch wood*. They’ve also started playing more, and with the new storage box for the Lego I quite like the fact we can take it into whatever room we’re playing in easily, rather than carting lots of little boxes about. The only negative thing I’d say is at the bottom there are three little circle indents which means that the little lights and flowers etc. get stuck in and they’re a bit tricky to fish out.

It’s quite amazing that one new storage box has caused me to take the bull by the horns and I’ve already started tackling the rest of the house. SLOWLY.

Thanks to APlaceForEverything.co.uk for The LEGO Movie Giant Storage Brick  – the boys love it and so do my feet!



  1. Zoe

    I love the phrase ‘Please mind the mess, my kids are making memories’ and therefore my house often looks like a toy explosion too, especially when I have deadlines on orders!
    That Lego box looks like it gets plenty in without being too oversized itself, and could be a contender to help control the Octonauts and Barbie accessories takeover in our house!

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