When you love the little things.

I’m rubbish at joining in at this every week, but when I find the time I will do! Here’s this weeks “Love the little things” hosted by But Why Mummy Why.


I downloaded Sarah Painter’s second book The Secret of Ghosts as soon as it came out. I loved her first book and so was very excited to read the sequel. However, I still had a few books left to finish so it fell down the list. I started reading it again the other day while The Beast was off sick, and have to say it’s just as magic go download it now!

Click to download!

Oh – and because right now I seem to drop it into posts where I can – I’ve been reading some fantastic reviews. If you’ve read Dottie and enjoyed it please please leave a review, it means an awful lot. If you haven’t WELL YOU ARE IN LUCK she’s reduced to 98p to celebrate Mothers Ruined 1 month birthday. You can download her here.





This little boy has been very poorly this week. So when he’s not been lying like this we’ve been watching a lot of The Amazing Spider-Man and also Stampy Long Head. Now he’s better I’m going to get him to explain his Minecraft addiction.

Poorly Beast


So the sun kinda caught me out this week. I KNOW I KNOW it’s been coming, but to be honest, I’ve just been a bit distracted (darn sick child!). So I’ve been wearing this until I can get some proper sun.


Rimmel Fake Tan


This. Too. Many. Times. (Seriously, why do kids latch onto things like this and not get bored?!)


I’ve been a little bit in love with Gino for a while, but his new book “Pronto” is amazing. This was quick, simple and AMAZING! 


And lastly…

It’s Friday! My favourite day of the week! It’s great in every way.  I get to do a couple of hours of work while The Chunk bumbles about with me. Nothing too intense, sometimes even just downing tools and doing ironing with a bit of Pixar, but then I get him for the rest of the day! The Beast comes home from school ready for the weekend so obvously that usually means treats (tonight Daisy Made I think!) and then Mr Aimee gets home in time for #FizzFriday ! Hurrah!

For now though – this is one of the reasons I love Friday so much. Tea, and the birds singing in the sun!

Tea and Sun.



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  1. Life at the Little Wood

    My little boy is Minecraft obsessed too! What is with it?!! Ooh, love your Gino creation – it looks amazing. I’ll definitely have to have a look for his book! Enjoy your fizz tonight sweetpea. Oh, and I’m planning on getting your book for my hols – excited to read it! 🙂 xx

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  2. Muma Leary

    Hi! I’m new here. Loving the blog name.
    Hope that The beast is on the mend and the fizz was perfectly chilled this evening. You can’t beat it when the weather’s lie this and the weekend is looming can you!

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  3. katrina

    Oh Aimee, THAT fox song is somewhat legendary in Cool bananas HQ. Bear does a silly little dance (so funny) & he even has a fox jumper-when he dons this, all i have to say is ‘ What does mr fox say’ & he starts bouncing off the walls, doing a silly dance, singing his heart out! Really hope i see you this weekend 🙂 xx

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