Shit. I think I’m starting to quite like my kids.

No – don’t worry, not really, that’s never going to happen!

Seriously though, I’m in a bit of a predicament. My blog is predominantly about parenting isn’t it? Yes, there are a few other areas, but we all know it’s mainly about the kids and parenting woes. It’s how I’ve branded myself! I’m not a great photographer (especially now I’ve smashed my iPhone screen and my digital camera is on it’s last legs *sob*). I like to cook but I’m nothing special, simply surviving without being on first-name terms with all of the takeaways in the local vicinity and if I’m honest I spend most of my time with my head stuck in the imaginary world which is my next novel idea.

Blogging about the boys has always come easily to me. There would be a million times a day where I’d grab a post-it and make note of something to write about later, but as the boys get older, it’s a bit more tricky. Why? Because actually, it’s not too bad right now. It appears that having a three-and-a-half-year-old and a nearly-six-year-old is almost the magic number.

I’m not saying life is perfect by any means. I still have to karate chop The Chunk into his car seat every now and then (which is actually easier with a 3 door because I just stand behind the seat and put my body weight on him), and The Beast – well The Beast has an attitude that has reduced me to tears in recent weeks – being the ‘bad cop’ really does get me down sometimes. But that’s not something I want to blog about. It’s not funny, it’s actually a horrible feeling that I’ve turned into shouty mummy, and whilst I’m a total over-sharer I have a distinct line between talking about my private life, and having a humorous outlook into the parenting woes that many parents go through. The laugh and cry mantra I live my life by still sometimes has limits.

I guess I could blog about how The Beast refuses to kiss me in public anymore. Or how his learning phonics means that spelling out words we don’t want him to hear doesn’t actually make a difference these days. Or maybe how The Chunky drew a picture of me at nursery. I was on the grass with a glass of wine. That is funny – but it’s also not a blog post, not one I’ve not written similar to before anyway.

I’m still tired. I still hate the 5am starts, the 10pm “GET TO SLEEP OR NO IPAD” lies, or the constant battle to try and get them to eat “I’ll try milk if you try broccoli” (I hate milk), but if I’m honest, these are all slipping nicely into my favourite linky The Bad Mums club. A post a month.

So what’s happened? What’s changed? It’s certainly not good that I find my own blog ideas boring is it?

If I’m honest I’ve been struggling since I started writing my third book. However, I assumed I was just absorbed with Dottie and her story.

I’m not huge in the blogging scene. I don’t pretend to be, and between you and me, I have no inclination to be. I want to make people laugh – lots of people. I want them to empathise, and I want them not to feel so alone. Last year when I was featured in The Guardian regarding sharenting the best thing was the emails I got from people telling me I’d made them feel better, that they didn’t need to be perfect.

This made my day, but a lot has changed in a year. It’s not just online friends who read it now, people I see every day on the school run, my mother, the outlaws, they all have easy access to my blog, they’re more aware, and I know a lot of them read it. This is great in so many ways, like I say, I want to make people laugh and relate. However, no matter how honest I am, how real, I don’t want to accidentally hurt people’s feelings, therefore I can no longer be as tactless and candid as I once was. I have to think before I type a little bit more, and whilst I think it’s made a vast improvement to my writing, I do think that that blatant ‘couldn’t give a toss’ attitude is what really gets the laughs.

Taking all this into account though, I still love my little blog. I love what it’s grown into, even if I do sometimes worry that the school may call the social services regarding my gin consumption. I love those who take the time to read, and I love those who take the time to let me know they’ve enjoyed what I’ve written, whether they’ve agreed with it or not. It makes my day probably more than it should. With that in mind, I have continued on, battling what I thought was bloggers block due to the intensity of post book release.

Then Britmums happened.

For those of you not involved in the blog world Britmums is a massive blogging conference, HUGE, and I didn’t go this year, I didn’t want too.

Then I did, then I didn’t, then I did and it was too late. We had family commitments and also having just got Filoola-the-Fiat it was a bit unfair to fork out on a last-minute weekend to London when between you and me, I only wanted to go to meet a select amount of people. That sentence says volumes doesn’t it? I only want to meet up with a few like-minded people who happen to blog and share a drink and tell them how awesome they are.

Even though I had been umming and ahhing about the whole thing, and my reasons for going, when Friday came round and I was home in the chunk I was a little bit grumpy. Ok, that’s a lie. I was beyond jealous as my Instagram and Twitter feed started to fill with people I considered friends. Even people I didn’t consider friends suddenly made my tummy flip with envy as they were pictured laughing and drinking wine (WINE.ALL.DAY!). I stropped about for a bit feeling grumpy, because I was missing out. But if I’m really honest with myself, I was mainly grumpy about missing out on the wine.

You see, I’ve always thought that the blogging industry is about popularity rather than talent. I know you can say it about most things these days the boss’s favourite getting promoted, or even somebody from reality TV getting a book deal that somebody else will write for them (YES I’M BITTER ABOUT THE BOOK THING OK!), but I must admit I always naively thought I’d be part of an industry that was about hard work and quality. However, I think the awards on Friday (bar a few obvious winners) proved the popularity vs. talent theory was perhaps right. Again.

I realised a while ago that I’d stop reading loads of blogs written by those seen as ‘top bloggers’. I find their blogs boring, some maybe a little self-absorbed. Those nominated for certain awards I’d look at and be like “I don’t get it.”

There I said it.

Obviously people do enjoy their posts, otherwise they wouldn’t have gazillions of comments, but I can’t help but thinking that’s partly a social thing. Surely it’s not just me that finds them boring? And in the spirit of being honest, I’m worried I might turn into that as I lose my passion.

I’m not saying all bloggers lack talent, I’m not even saying the top ones do, I’m just saying perhaps they don’t have the spark they used to. Not that all blogs do this to be part of the industry. A lot of bloggers just do it as a release, as a hobby, therapy, just something they enjoy doing. I think that’s how most blogs start out, as a bit of fun, and sometimes the whole “thing” just spirals into one big “thing”.

I’m starting to sound jumbled.

What I’m trying to say, is that even though I’ve been thinking it’s more popularity than talent for a while, I think the industry is starting to realise that’s the case too, I almost feel that this year it’s stopped pretending it’s anything else. The fact that it is often referred to as a “community” rather than an “industry” speaks volumes.

Maybe it’s my corporate background coming out again. Maybe it’s the fact that I took time off to do something else and when I came back and looked at it with fresh eyes. Kind of like going back to work after maternity leave, I’ve realised just how cynical I am about the whole thing. How playground I find it. 

Self-made celebrities, bitter feuds over comments that are made, some accused of being thoughtless, some defended as being candid and honest – depending on who has said what about them. Blocking and bitching on twitter. I just can’t be arsed.

So what now? Is this my dramatic exit from the blogging world?

No – that’s the short answer. This is simply a brain dump, a lead into what my blog is going to be from now on. An honest, simple, real, brain dump. Which is still isn’t really a long answer is it?

I’ve always tried to be honest in my posts. You know I’m not good at keeping things clean and white. You know I’ve not always enjoyed parenting, that the thought of six weeks of 24/7 small people fills me with panic. I don’t have time to lay my food out to look amazing.

Not that there is anything wrong with doing the opposite to me. I’m very big on the ‘each to their own’ way of thinking.

After all, some people’s blogs are their business. Some blogs are just painfully awesome. Lucy from Capture By Lucy makes me wish I was her. Alison makes me think, Morgana makes me happy, Kate makes me positive, Katrina makes me get my juicer out, Wendy makes me hungry, and It’s not her it’s me makes me wish I had a pinch of her style. But I don’t have any of those qualities really, especially the style one. Whenever I dare post what I’m wearing I worry that people will think I’m self absorbed, will look at me and go “I really couldn’t give a toss” and to be honest I don’t blame you. I’m not all that, I live in jeans mainly because they don’t ruin if you clean them with baby wipes.

I’m a tad more slap stick I guess.

This blog isn’t a business for me. Like I said earlier – it’s not a representation of my cookery skills, or my photography skills. I share out of fun. Because I like the look of a linky, because somebody mentioned they liked the look of what I was eating on Instagram, because something has been on my mind and I need to explode it out there, and for some reason I do it better on a blog then in a private diary.

YES, it’s good that you get to know me, my love of writing, what I’m all about. But that’s secondary to me just being real while I plug away at making up characters that I hope you’ll read and enjoy.

#passthegin I think I need it.


  1. Morgana @ butwhymummywhy

    I bloody love you Aimee! It’s no secret that your blog is one of my favourites. You have a style of writing that draws the reader in with giggles and a knowing look. What I love about this post in particular is that you’ve said what I’m sure a lot of people are thinking too. Xx

    1. Post
  2. Alison Perry

    I agree with so much of what you’ve said here. Since Britmums there seems to have been a lot of drama, and if I’m totally honest, I’m getting a bit tired of it. I’m all for sharing opinions and debating a point (understatement of the year – ha!) but sometimes I think we’d all do well to just switch off the laptop, pop our phones in our pockets and live our lives without worrying about what other bloggers are saying or doing. I have so much respect for you mrs – you’re a lovely person and a fantastic writer and I’m sure lots of people will agree with this post xxx

    1. Post

      “sometimes I think we’d all do well to just switch off the laptop, pop our phones in our pockets and live our lives without worrying about what other bloggers are saying or doing.”

      YES! Totally something I’m working on! Thanks for the lovely words xx

  3. Corinne

    I love this post and I love how you write. I only recently discovered one of your books and I loved that too. I completely agree about the disagreements and bitching, though to be fair I’m mostly in my own little bubble so most of it goes over my head. I felt the same about the BiBs, the whole thing was a letdown really and I realised I don’t really care about the awards side of things.

    I blog as a personal record of my life and because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have a creative outlet, I’m happy that people read it but I like to keep it low pressure.

    1. Post

      Corinne, that’s how I started and I think I got so carried away with the whole thing that I forgot why I really loved it! I’m going to try and go back to basics!

  4. Katie

    Yes to everything you said lovely. If i’m honest Britmums just left me feeling a bit meh, juts because it seemed everyone else was so into it and there was so much more to learn and do. I was juts left feeling like ‘this is just meant to be a hobby – how is it taking over my life’
    I love your writing (still need to read your book!) but just keep on as you are and don’t feel guilty about the gin – social services will have me soon too 😉 xxx

    1. Post
  5. Steph

    Last weekend was my first ever BritMums and a total eye opener. The brand schmoozing makes me ridiculously awkward, and the awards ceremony was surreal and so detatched from everything I love about blogging.
    As far as I’m concerned you’ve got the balance just right, blogging AND writing books? YOU ARE LIVING THE DREAM! Well, my dream 😉 xx

    1. Post
  6. laura

    i love your blog, because you say what i want to …… just so much better. 🙂

    Britmums hype has really made me take a look at my blogging ‘life’ and I am SOOO please I am not the only one who doesn’t ‘get’ the ‘best blogs’.

    now about those books you mentioned you write………. **goes off to investigate**

    1. Post

      Ahh! Thanks Laura! If you download them I hope you love them! I’m also glad you don’t get the hype about the big hitters either! x

  7. (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

    This right here is why I love you woman! I can understand much of what you have said. I tend to blog away quite happily in my own little bubble and stepped away from all the listings, rankings and awards nonsense a long time ago. Actually BritMumsLive was my worst nightmare when I went a couple of years ago and I ended up doing a runner and playing tourist for the weekend instead. I got a fair bit of stick at the time for daring to speak out against the ‘community’ not that I cared. It said much more about them than it did me, that’s for sure. Keep on keeping on you. And get that next book written!

    1. Post
  8. Emily G

    Love this post and agree wholeheartedly. I went to Britmums this year, and I felt jaded. A few sessions were good (about novel writing) but overall I felt what you describe here. It’s made me realise what I want from my blog, and I guess that’s a good thing. The free wine was amazing, though.

    1. Post

      Ha – yes, well jel about the free wine!

      I suppose the good thing about it all is that you are now in a good mindset about your blog? x

    1. Post
  9. Nikki Thomas

    A very interesting post. I loved Britmums last year but this year I felt very small and insignificant. I love my blog and I know I’m nothing special but something that I did to inspire me has left me feeling very uninspired. As for the drama, I can’t be doing with it.

    1. Post
  10. Nickie

    I saw this post tweeted out a few times so bobbed in to have a nosy. IMHO Bloggers are only “big” in their own world and some “groups” of bloggers over-emphasise that – just in the same way there are “industry celebrities”, i.e. people who are well known in their own field. It’s not a real fame, is it?

    I’m always in support of people doing their own thing and if it works for them then let them get on with it. And a brain dump is usually the best thing in the world.

    1. Post
  11. Wendy

    Extremely well put lovely! But don’t ever dare give up blogging I love your blog SO very much.

    PS I’ve never been to any award ceremonies or conferences or blog thing at all – I bubble blog like that lovely Mostly Yummy 😉

    1. Post
  12. Amy

    I completely agree here Aimee. I’ve even drafted a post with similar opinions. I felt some of the winners were down to popularity and I also felt that about the Bibs. When I first started blogging, I was dying to go to Britmums, and then I saw twitter and instagram go made this weekend and I actually stepped back and thought, no that’s not me. I’d love to go to workshops, but all the schmooze that goes on, I’m not interested in. That’s not to say I am criticising those that went and made wonderful friends, but it’s not me. I think blogging has changed over the last few years and it has left me wondering if I still want to be part of it. x

    1. Post

      Oh I’m so sad you might not want to be part of it – but it’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a while – this blog post has helped me a lot actually! Especially as I realised it’s not just me! Thanks for commenting x

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