Novel news.

So the floating has continued on. Even though I’ve got the second novel outline nearly sorted, I just can’t focus.

I’m working away on various ‘boring paid work’ tasks, which isn’t helping my motivation, and suddenly sorting socks and polishing the coffee table seem far more important then actually sitting down and cracking on.

Whilst I feel more like me again, the problem is that I am lacking in any ‘kick up the arse’ feelings as I have no specific deadlines, and with the summer holidays looming I was all set not to bother, to ‘take the summer off’ and continue to float until the kids start back at school. But the insomnia and the need to write Lucy’s story is becoming too much, I need to focus, and I need to get myself back into order.

My to-do list is in place, and it’s ridiculous, and isn’t going to get done with the notepad closed and left conveniently in the glove box of Filoola-The-Fiat.

After I released ‘Mothers Ruined’ I promised myself that whilst the speed I wrote it in was what I needed to tell Dottie’s latest story, I wouldn’t put myself or the family through the intensity of such a short deadline. That the work life balance had to be found again. Therefore, after talking to my friend I have decided to release Lucy’s story (I’m not telling you the name yet, it might change) in May 2015.

It gives me an opportunity to get used to the new routine of pre-school (i.e. 5 short days instead of 3 school days), along with the chance to get fit again and do important things such as buy food and not just gin. I have targets set up, my 30k deadline isn’t as far away as I thought when I typed it into scrivener, and neither is the full first draft which I’ve just written in my diary.

Already I feel a new sense of purpose, the fuzzy feeling in my head is lifting and my fingers are tapping away in anticipation as I get to know Lucy, Lola and Kit.

In the meantime – Surivval of the Ginnest and Christmas Spirit are both on offer until Saturday night – by offer I mean THEY ARE FREE so if you haven’t read either of them yet, now is the perfect time to download them.

Click here to view all.

I’m going to take this opportunity to thank, in a very non-Gwennie style way, everyone who has taken the time to download any of my books and leave a review. The reviews (if they’re good!) mean more than you could know.  Thanks again, I’m going to throw the children in bed and pour myself a gin, as tomorrow I have to smash out an gentle 2k worth of words.

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