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When you love the little things.


Hellooooo Friday! I’m ready for it, and I think everyone else is too! With a weekend of toddler tantrums, five-year-old meltdowns, and house explosions, I am more than ready to appreciate some of the little things.


The Chunk is starting his new pre-school this week and even though it’s part of The Beast’s school, and I know the deal, I’ve still spent a lot of time going through the welcome pack and catching up on things. The bit that got me a little bit was this though. HOW DID MY BABY SUDDENLY NEED THIS?!!


Wahh! Chubby legs in school shorts though!

Wahh! Chubby legs in school shorts though!


You know I love Dolly – so when I heard her set at Glastonbury on the radio I couldn’t wait for it to hit You Tube. LOVE YOU DOLLYYYY!!!


The weather is not in a good place for me right now. I need to tan my legs before a hen-night on Saturday, so I’m living in jeans and my favourite ‘joggers’. Plus my Sun Jellies obvs. They make me smile.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 10.50.18

River Island and Sun Jellies = Awesome.



A lot of old school songs that I love to listen and sing along too while I’m running. Yes. I know my taste is somewhat suspect, but these three are my top three running tracks.



Thai Red Curry, with sweet potatos and cherry toms. You can get the recpie here. It’s quick, it’s healthy, and it’s rather yummy! 



and lastly.. 

While I’ve joked about it ‘end-of-term-itis’ has actually really been getting me down. Luckily my renewed love of running has helped me through it, and I know I’ve shown this photo a couple of times, but I think I’m really lucky to have this as part of my run.  It makes me appreciate that even though I do run up and down the main roads and the kids are driving me mad, and the house is a mess, there is a little calm and tranquility nearby.

30 mins of blood, sweat, and calm.

30 mins of blood, sweat, and calm.


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