When You Love The Little Things

I am really tired this week. I thought I was winning, getting over the whole sleep deprivation malarky, but this week I think perhaps a cheeky hen-do may have caused me to fall behind again. However, for all the moments of temper lost (I have come to terms with the fact that answering back brings me the most rage), and writers block, a few little things have kept me going…thank you to Morgana at But Why Mummy Why for a fab way of keeping me going!


I love being part of The Bad Mums Club and this week I’ve loved going through and discovering new (to me) blogs who have joined in the linky! It makes me very happy. My contribution is here and everyone else’s are listed at the bottom of the post.


After so called hen-do, we had tennis the next morning, I wasn’t the most enthusiastic cheerleader or ball girl…

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 09.59.32
Thank goodness for coffee!

I was, however, more enthusiastic when he got some more swimming certificates.

He got 3 in total this week!
He got 3 in total this week!


OOOH it’s all a bit hen-centric today (as it should be as one of your favourite people gets married!). On Saturday I wore my new dress from Warehouse (BARGAIN £12 in ASOS sale), some wedges and a lot of make up to try and hide my face.

Standard Selfie!
Standard Selfie!


It was the school disco last night, so I heard a lot of What does the Fox Say, Let’s get ready to rumble, and the FROZEN soundtrack. Amazing how all the boys cleared the floor and all the mums sang along to this…



There was a particular photo of me later in the night where I was full of lovely unhealthy 3 course meal. It coursed me to attempt to be healthier during the week. I did quite well to begin with.

(let’s not talk about the packet of chocolate fingers or the pizza I demolished on Wednesday ok?)

And Lastly…

… in a life where I try on a daily basis to make The Chunk eat anything other than pasta/biscuits/bread sticks/cereal I am very happy that he has regularly started ASKING for a banana after his weetabix/porridge/shreddies. Any parent who has a child who won’t touch fruit or veg with a bargepole knows how happy this photo has made me!





  1. Emma Kershaw

    Some great little loves there, I love your dress and what a bargain! I feel your pain with regards to having a child who won’t eat fruit and veg however my son did eat an apple last night and I was so pleased I nearly threw a party lol xx

  2. jenny

    Fantastic #littleloves this week. The food looks amazing, how did you get them all side by side and with subtitles underneath? Clever girl! Way to go you for being healthier during the week too. I should do this. Need to change something not just diet. Absolutely love, love your outfit! You look amazing and it’s such a great color for summer. #littleloves

  3. Emma

    I think I may be the only person in the country with children who hasn’t seen Frozen. I feel like I’m missing out. I love the dress – the style, colour, and price!

  4. Sam @ And then the fun began...

    The dress looks great on you and I love the wedge heels with it. Your comment about the banana makes me laugh because I’m exactly the same about feeling ridiculously happy when I see a bit of fruit pass their lips! Go your little boy with his swimming certificates! I really must get my kids swimming lessons… Happy weekend lovely 🙂 X

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