Autumn Style Wish List

Ok, you know how I love the summer and moan about the Autumn and Winter? Well I have a little bit of a confession to make…

 I love autumn and winter clothes and food.

Phew, I’m glad that’s out in the open, I guess I should explain further. I HATE the cold. I hate the fact the sun TRICKS me into thinking I don’t need a coat when actually I really do, and I HATE the fact that I won’t have naturally sun kissed skin so I end up looking like an extra for The Adams Family.

But…oh I just can’t help it! I LOVE JUMPERS! I love BOOTS, and oh you all know I LOVE JEANS!

However, as I’m still trying to shift some of the junk in my trunk, I don’t want to buy anything too soon, so for now, here is a little motivational wishlist.

You can never have too many denim shirts. That’s what I tell Mr Aimee anyway. Plus, I haven’t got one in light grey, so this is a MUST. In fact, it’s even more versatile than a blue denim shirt, you can double denim it up without being totally blatant about it all.

Click to buy (me) this shirt.

It’s perfect on it’s own, or for extra layering (BONFIRE night anyone?!) it will look amazing under a Jumper. Perhaps THIS jumper?

Click to buy (me) this jumper.

Not quite ready to lose the sunshine, or bin the bright colours, which were everywhere this summer, this jumper will be snug and warm on it’s own or with a shirt underneath. It’s perfect for the school run, especially with Jeans.

My staple winter wardrobe will always be skinny blacks. Or at the moment, my current favourite are these black jeggings by Dorothy Perkins.

Click to buy (me) these jeggings.

They fit me nicely (well the petite ones do anyway), they suck in my carb belly, and they don’t go baggy on the knees straight away. Plus, they look amazing with pumps, brogues, or boots. Boots just like these…


Oh and the thing about boots is you don’t have to have shifted the junk when you’re wearing them.

Just saying.

I also need a new coat (I DO!) but let’s not wish big coat weather too quickly ok?

What’s on your autumn wish list this year?


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