Happy Monday! (Well it’s not Tuesday is it!)

On Saturday I woke up at 6am to a small child talking at me and I really wasn’t feeling the love. Then Mr Aimee refused to get up and get me a sausage and egg McMuffin (SELFISH) so I felt the love even less.

Why was I not feeling the love? Was it the small child talking at me? No, because actually once I’d palmed him off with some dry shreddies in a pot, a cup of milk and Nick Jnr he pretty much left me alone, except the million times he asked if he could finish his giant chocolate coin – in the end I said yes just for a quiet life.

So if it wasn’t the small child what was it? I think it was this.

There was another nearly empty bottle in the fridge too...
There was another nearly empty bottle in the fridge too…

You see, we had dinner last night, the girls and I. We didn’t go out, we went to Kels house and ate yummy food, chatted, and drank fizz. We just perhaps drank a little too much fizz. Although, I’m not sure there is such a thing.

The #FizzFriday hashtag has fast become one of my favourite on Instagram. It’s just a happy place to be with it’s happy people and fizzy filled glasses, and somewhere along the line, I’ve managed to fall into the habit of joining in.

Every Friday cracking open a bottle of fizz once the kids are in bed, toasting the survival of another non-stop-week, and a few enjoyable days off is becoming a tradition, and one I’m embracing. I mean, what better accompaniment to cooking the first meal of the weekend could there be? Plus – if I remember to instagram it it’s a great way of showing off my nails or my new shoes. #JustSaying

I should disclaim here, except on very special occasions, I’m not talking about the posh stuff every single Friday – I’m talking about the fact that Aldi do Prosecco under £6, which – when you think about it – is cheaper than a nice bottle of Friday night wine. So TECHNICALLY I’m saving money – can you tell I live with the voucher king?

So, I invite you, to nip to your local shop (Lidl also do a very nice Prosecco for a similar price – it’s yummy, we selflessly taste tested it for you on Friday, you’re welcome) and grab a bottle of fizz and toast the weekend with me. Hashtag it on instagram and if you feel like it, tag me in, as there is nothing I like more than seeing people enjoying there weekend.

Here are a few of my favourite #FizzFriday moments – enjoy your week all you lovely people on the internet.


Totally using it as an opportunity to show you my new nails.
Mixing a fizz cocktail the other week.
It always tastes better in the sun. In the middle of the day. While everyone else is at work.
I’ll tell you a secret. This one was gross. The Watermelon did NOT taste good.
Ok – this one was not a relaxing night in. #hendofizz
A chance to show off my new shoes. They are no longer this clean – even with filters.
Ok – this one was fancy.
The first time I discovered Aldi Fizz. #lifechanging

p.s. I’m not drunk, I’m just not feeling hung-over which is nice.

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