17 Years of The World (Wide Web)

I realised recently that over the last 17 years I’ve been using the internet pretty much non-stop. Yes, that’s right. While I’m feeling a bit on the older side of life, I realise that I’ve been using the Internet for SEVENTEEN years.

Ever since I was a child I’ve loved the idea of technology and computers, and when I became a teenager and my dad got us a family computer (that I hogged) for Christmas one year, I would say my life changed forever. The instant that those little dial up tones from the 56k modem kicked in, I was transported to a different world, one that I loved.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say the Internet was my first true love. It’s a love affair that’s been going on longer then my marriage, and rather than showing signs of waning, we’re going from strength to strength – after all, we’re both growing up together.

So how have my surfing habits changed in seventeen years? Do they even call it surfing these days?

Well the internet was new and exciting when I first started using it, and even though it still is now, it’s a bit less…rough and ready.

In many ways, my habits are similar. They’re just a bit more advanced. For example, I used chatrooms and discussion forums to connect with new and interesting people (including my maid of honour and my husband!). Now I used twitter and blogs and have met some equally amazing people.

I no longer tinker with code, putting together html and javascript in a painful mishmash of self-taught-ness. Instead I rely on tweaking – equally as painfully – wordpress, relying on a ready-made plugin to make my cursor explode and snow fall at Christmas time.

I wrote a regular column about my teenage life….now I blog about my adult life.

But one thing has changed, if you pull my social networking to one side you just have to look at my top five sites and you can see that we’ve grown apart in my browsing habits…

1997 Aimee 

  1. The Junction (no longer there)
  2. Handbag.com
  3. Ask Jeeves
  4. Garbage Song Lyrics & The Official Garbage Fan Page
  5. Virgin.net


2014 Aimee

  1. ASOS
  2. Just Eat
  3. Google (for all my news needs)
  4. Suri’s Burn Book
  5. Ebay

How about you? If you could list your favourite sites what would they be?

p.s. Can I also have a special mention for You Tube, Amazon, and Perez Hilton. Oh and all the streaming sites. AND NETFLIX! HOW COULD I FORGET NETFLIX?! And Ebay. Oh, and Buzzfeed….


  1. sara

    Love this post.

    1. Ebay
    2. Mr. T Experience lyrics
    3. This is Blythe (Blythe dolls forum)
    4. House of Fun (Action girl & Milk & Cheese comics)
    5. jamiehernandez.com (love & rockets author)

    1. Asos
    2. Go Fug Yourself
    3. Apartment Therapy
    4. Bloglovin (Suri’s burn book is in my feed too…)
    5. Pinterest

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