When you love the little things.

HOW can it be the end of October already? HOW is it nearly half term, and HOW in eight sleeps is my baby FOUR? And HOW have I not had time to join into this linky for WEEKS? (I blame getting used to doing 3 school runs a day).

So for the first time in a long time, here are this weeks #littleloves as hosted by my favourite Morgana at But Why Mummy Why?


My favourite Kerry Barrett released her latest book last week. It’s amazing. I love everything about it, from the characters, to the magic, to the scenery. You should go and read it. Quick! GO GO GO! (link on photo)

Click to order.

I’m also loving The Chunk coming home from school with reading books, it means we get an extra hour in the afternoon snuggled up on the sofa, just us two (with tea and biscuits) reading the book he’s so excited about having in his book bag.



The Good Wife was recommended to me by the lovely people of Twitter. I was hyperventilating after we’d finished both Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black. Mr Aimee isn’t a fan, but I have become a little bit addicted. In fact, so addicted that I’m not sure what to with myself now that I’ve finished all the episodes on Netflix. COME ON AND PUT SERIES FIVE ON NETFLIX FAST PLEASE!



So, it’s a winter wardrobe time! Big boots, and big coat are on, every day for the school run. These are great inbetweeny ones. They’re UGGs but without being totally lined, just in some places. Soon I will have to add a scarf and some gloves šŸ™


We’re currently putting together a new playlist for the car for school runs. I need to find some new songs that The Chunk is bought into, because as much as I LOVE Roxette, “The Low” as he calls it, is starting to niggle a bit.






I’m going to do a post about this, but I’m currently making my bedroom look less like a pit, with a little help from Annie Sloan. This is half way through the process…

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.54.47
Painting furniture…who am I?!

And Lastly…

…nothing like family Sunday’s to make you smile. Bowling is currently in favour, especially with The Chunk.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.56.57
Jumping for joy…even though he didn’t manage to knock down that many pins…



  1. Life at the Little Wood

    Oh Annie Sloan! I’m such a sucker for painted furniture but not all that great at actually PAINTING it. Consequently our house is definitely more shabby than chic! šŸ™‚ I’ll keep an eye out for your post and check out how to do it properly! Have a lovely weekend Aimee xx

  2. Amy

    I loved The Good Wife, but hubby hates it so I haven’t watched it for ages! Love those boots, I am so excited about wearing boots again. Love Autumn! Bless his little face at bowling x

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