Best autumn comfort foods that won’t ruin your waistline

Cold damp days, dark evenings and early morning mists all herald the onset of autumn. This is the time of year when the summer salad doesn’t sound so appealing but you want to retain your figure while eating nourishing comfort food.


People of all ages love comfort food

There’s nothing more tempting to stave off your hunger on a cold day than with a large calorie laden meal. Unfortunately, if you don’t exercise and you are regularly tucking into heavy roasts or macaroni cheese then you’ll also pile on the pounds.


If you’re a diet conscious young mum or a person of more mature years living in a McCarthy and Stone Assisted Living apartment, you’ll want to eat well and healthily during the autumn and winter months.


Easy and healthy meals can be slimming

Stews are wonderful and are synonymous with the autumn months. Forget coating the meat in flour before cooking or frying any vegetables you might include though – just place all the vegetables that you wish to eat along with some healthy chicken pieces (you should remove the skin first) in a pot and leave to cook on a low heat for an hour.


You’ll really appreciate the taste of the vegetables and you’ll notice that there won’t be any fat to skim off the surface of this dish either!


Tuna has all the essential oils you need

Tuna is one of nature’s super foods. Buy a tin of tuna in spring water – brine is too salty and sunflower oil may be too fatty – add some olive oil to a pan and then lightly fry some peppers, garlic and mushrooms before adding the drained tuna.


In another pan, boil up a small amount of pasta and strain when cooked. Combine the tuna mixture with the pasta, stirring the mixture around. Take off the heat and add some natural yoghurt to the dish.


If you’re a cheese lover you can sprinkle some low fat feta cheese over the surface to make it extra tasty and filling.


Red wine can be good for you

Diets don’t have to be dull – they’re all about moderation. You’ll burn off more calories if you have your main meal in the middle of the day. You can always walk off any excess during the afternoon.


Recent research has revealed that a daily glass of red wine can even be good for you too. For a long time scientists were baffled about the fattiness of the French diet, cream, butter etc and why this didn’t result in a high rate of coronary heart disease but it seems red wine was the answer.


The research suggests that any more than a single glass can have a detrimental effect on your health, and your waistline, so it’s important not to drink to excess. Anyone on medication should also speak with their doctor first to ensure it is safe to drink alcohol.  





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