A Blog About Katie Hopkins.

I should start this blog post with a disclaimer – stating the fact that I’m aware that by writing this, I am doing exactly what I’m suggesting we don’t do. But it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation if that makes any sense?

You see, when I first started pulling together this post a few months ago, around the time that Katie made some predictable splendid comments regarding the McCanns, it was more of a blog about the role of a ‘professional antagonist’.

Professional Antagonist – it has no official meaning (that I can find on the top few results of Google) – but from what I understand could be described as “somebody who used to be some form of celebrity, who has run out of reality television shows to appear on on (or perhaps are appearing on one soon), and is now resorting to being as controversial and offensive as possible over social media and on live television.”

That sounds about right doesn’t it?

We can all name a handful of those (Luisa, Sam, and Liz don’t worry – you’re included!).

In my initial post, I had planned to tell you, my readers, to ignore them and they’ll go away. You see, they’re just like toddlers, vying for our attention any way they can, but technically…like toddlers…if you ignore them, they’ll eventually realise that their tantrums aren’t the way to get you to listen to what they have to say.

But here’s the thing, this post is no longer about these people in general, with their petty, laughable, predictable and boring comments, it’s unfortunately become about Katie.

Sorry Katie, I hadn’t intended to address you personally, after all, this is about you not to you, but I can’t help it. You see, I think it’s gone too far.

Katie is no longer a professional antagonist in the way it all began. She is no longer just rude or offensive, in a vain attempt to give her muddled career an extra shove. She is no longer being derogatory about parenting skills and weight – two popular subjects that are easy to jump on the bandwagon with, in order to draw attention to herself.

I no longer want to tell her to shut up because she’s annoying (even if she is a little), I don’t want to tell her to be quiet because she’s rude, offensive, and her opinions are a little bit pointless (which usually they are – anything valid she has to say is unfortunately shrouded with deliberately derogatory comments). In fact, I’m not that fussed really about muting her for those reasons, having two children, I am pretty good at ignoring whining tones. In fact, I drift off to my happy place whenever it starts up.

But the thing is, Katie, if you’re reading this. You’re overstepping the mark. Not on the offensive side of things – let’s face it, telling somebody their child is a chav because of their name, it’s foolish and offensive, but it’s not dangerous. In fact, it was laughable after your appearance on ‘This Morning’.

No, these days I’m actually worried for you. You’re starting to wade in on subjects that I’m not sure you should, and what’s more I don’t think your comments, these ‘shocking opinions’, are in fact your opinions. I think you’re being deliberately inflammatory in order to further your career. Don’t you think that you’re wading in on dangerous territory? After all, these are comments which should be causing a proper issue rather than an uproar, because if you incite racial hatred…that’s a crime, one that if you’re address the double standards that you accused people of in other tweets about Ennis and Evans, you should be pulled up on, even if you are in the media.

But as Katie oversteps the line from silly to dangerous and is slowly teetering on the edge of criminal, is it entirely her fault? After all, the media have placed her in front of us as a commentator; they are continuing to place her in front of us, reporting on her every strategically-placed-to-cause-an-outcry tweets. Perhaps if we ignore the column inches they’ve dedicated to her, then she will go away.

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