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While I’m not really blogging as much right now, I can’t not join in with the #littleloves linky hosted over at But Why Mummy Why. Well, when Friday doesn’t sneak up on me like it has been doing recently! So what’s been happening?


I am just starting to find time to read again, you know, what with the holidays being over *rolls eyes at herself*. Yes, I know I should have had my feet up reading, but it doesn’t happen like that really over Christmas does it? Too many toys to build! Anyway. I’ve just downloaded the one Jonathan Harvey book I’ve not read and I might only be a few pages in, but already loving it. I’ll let you know how I get on.







Back to school means one thing, the school run. I quite like it really, fresh air, say hi to a few people, the pleasure of leaving the kids at school, and the joy of seeing their faces when I pick them up. But it’s cold right now. Very cold. So I’m wearing my big coat. A LOT.

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We’ve been driving about a bit, and as we’ve had quite a few arguments about songs currently on our car playlist, we settled on the Audiobook and the boys are loving these Famous Five short stories. They’re great. Plus, I sometimes listen to them if I can’t sleep! You can download them from iTunes!

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We’ve been a bit sick of roasts recently, so for our final family dinner before back to school the boys randomly requested meat and rice. Not one to disappoint, especially as I really fancied a curry, I made an amazing chicken and sweet potato korma. I wasn’t sure how it would go down, especially as I packed it with spinach, but it went surprisingly well. Well, especially as Larry didn’t know that I was sneaking spinach onto his fork under the sweet potato when he wasn’t looking. 

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and lastly..

There’s a lot to be said for normality. Whilst I’ve absolutely loved the time off, I’m pleased to have a bit of order back in my life. Contracted hours need to be met, and whilst I loved having little people coming to offer me chocolates. Plus, it means I can have a cup of tea in peace too.



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