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Oh it’s been a while, but after a productive morning I couldn’t help but use a bit of my time to join in with But Why Mummy Why and her #littleloves linky.


Things are crazy right now (how often do I seem to write a variation of that sentence?) So I’m reading a lot of paper work for various bits of work, and I just CANNOT risk reading books that result in a “JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER” moment, so instead I decided to opt for an anthology. Promising myself one story at a time. It’s the perfect way of getting story closure, and still having something enjoyable to read, without being up ALL NIGHT LONG. Although, with THAT’S PARIS I am struggling not to go with the ‘JUST ONE MORE STORY’ tug! The stories are funny, sarcastic, and engaging. Perfect addictive reads, that make me even more desperate to go to Paris than I was before.

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Friday morning is my treat morning. It involves a slightly naughty breakfast, me sitting at the breakfast bar with my pads and pens, and diary organising my life.  I can’t do that alone though. I need Alicia Florrick and her amazing outfits and lipstick and GRITTY DETERMINATION to help me highlight my to-do list. The Good Wife is just awesome right now.

FullSizeRender (4)


Sequins and leopard print. Not at the same time (always). We went out with some friends the other night and I squeezed into my sequin leggings and partied the night away – and woke up feeling ridiculously smug because I switched to tonic water before 11pm after being full up from my big fat pizza.


However, to work off the big fat pizza, I have been working out in leopard style. culotte leopard style I’ll have you know, and I’m not sorry at all.




Noise, and a lot of it. Something to do with these two clowns.



Edits, lists, and gin and jam. I got my edits through for Mothers Ruined from my publisher, and I’m so excited to make my changes ready for you guys to read the new and improved Dottie! In the meantime to celebrate the fact that Survival of the Ginnest is coming out again in the Spring I made some Gin & Jam. Shot of gin, spoonful of jam, GO GO GO!


p.s. it does not work with marmalade. 

and lastly..

As we get closer to our holiday in the sun, I am getting grumpy at my not-so-perfect bikini body. But I’m coming to terms with the fact that I can’t look like this >

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.07.14

When I started working out in the beginning of the year it was to get a bikini body, but somewhere along the line, I realised it wasn’t really about that. YES it would be good if I looked like the above photo, but when I like gin and jam, crumpets, and lounging on the sofa with American Box Sets as much as I do, that’s not going to happen. It’s not just a case of settling and ‘getting used to it’ it’s (and yes, I know this makes me sound wanky) embracing it, and enjoying life instead of worrying about belly going to get me.



  1. Alice

    Woo you embrace it, and enjoy those crumpets. They are, after all, the best snack/breakfast/meal ever. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx p.s. sequins and leopard print – that would be quite some combo!

  2. Karen

    Oh my! Sequins and leopard, I want those leggings like you wouldn’t believe but the leopard would mean I’d have to do some sort of exercise which is against my new years resolutions, I gave it up for lent and err promised my daughter I would never do it again (is that enough excuses yet???). Besides bikini bodies are so last year!

  3. Jude

    Ha! That workout gear is inspired! You go girl! Bet you’re loving saying the phrase ‘from my publisher’. Exciting stuff! Great to cross paths on #littleloves – I usually read your via BNBS (I freelance for them and have featured your blog a few times) x

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