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Life Lately


There are some bloggers that just get in your head (Alison, Molly and Morgana I’m looking at you), and yesterday no different.

I was sitting looking grumpily at instagram (instead of happily) then I flicked onto twitter…which I have no idea why, because that makes me always grumpy and despondent. But for once it didn’t…I happened to catch Molly’s latest post called “Life Lately” and as always, she hit the nail in the head.

Like her I have exciting (totally not meaning to be cryptic) things happening. I’m also nearly at the end of my draft of the next Dottie novel, and the sun is shining. When you’re pulled this way and that, sometimes your ideas for blogs are clouded. Right now I have loads of ideas, they’re just all pants when it comes to writing them.

So instead, I’m going to embrace Molly’s idea, and this is my life..lately..


Me writing

I’m on fire with Dottie. Getting to THE END is going to be amazing, but I know that this draft is going to need a lot of work. I’m trying to remind myself of the quote “the first draft is always shit” one I tell myself all the time, but by golly, there’s shit, and then there’s the runs. I’ll be looking for Beta readers soon though, so please get in touch if you’re interested.



Theo went on his residential last week. In fact this time last week I was just willing him to come home, and was very relieved he’d managed to not break something abseiling down THIS ACTUAL TOWER.


*throws up in mouth*

While he was away I feel very lucky that the school was closed for polling day, so I got to take Larry to the farm and spend some quality time with him. We used to visit the farm a lot before he started school, so it was lovely to recreate it. Even though we did end up having a very in-depth discussion about why things cost what they do in the gift shop and why we can’t cross out the prices and write a cheaper one on with pen.

Larry runs


I was bloody glad to get this one back though…



Mr Aimee and I worked out that it’s been quite a while since we have managed to bin the children off let the grandparents have the kids overnight, so when our friends suggested a night out we JUMPED at the chance.

Although I have to say, I enjoyed sitting in the garden with my book thoroughly too.



Mainly my dungaree’s if I’m honest. I don’t care what Mr Aimee says (that I look like a drunk kids TV presenter) I LOVE THEM.


I’ve also loving my slogan tee’s & sweats right now. I feel very proud to be able to support my fellow #Mumboss mums…well support or their tops make me feel like I might be cool one day.


FEARLESS TEE by Tease and Toes



GIN AND ON IT Sweat from Parent Apparel.

Anyway, now I’m off for a photoshoot…she says really casually…

Happy Birthday Survival of the Ginnest!


I know this is a bit Déjà vu – celebrating Dottie turning one, but you know me, if there’s a chance to celebrate with pizza and fizz then I’m going to take it! (YOU READING THIS MR AIMEE? PIZZA AND FIZZ.)

Seriously though, this time last year I basically spent my day waiting for my life to change. And it did – although not in the way you (I) are hoping.

I’m not rich beyond my wildest dreams, I’m not flying off the shelves of book stores, and I’ve not been number 1 in the amazon charts (although I did reach number 6 in humour AND WAS ON THE SAME PAGE AS JONATHAN HARVEY – he’s my hero).

But what happened is I got a chance to take a long hard look at myself. I’ve spent the year laughing like the boys do at a bloody stampy video, and crying like Tragic Larry does every time he thinks he might lose at anything.

I’ve watched Mothers Ruined and Survival of the Christmas Spirit be published, I’ve held them in paperback…IN THE ACTUAL REAL LIFE LIBRARY, and I’ve been lucky enough to have real life book bloggers tell me they love my book. I also got to meet some of these bloggers – which I’m thrilled about.

I’ve dicked around with the next novel from The Survival Series. I’ve felt the pressure of ‘second album syndrome’ because this will only be my second traditional novel – Ginenest is of course, slightly unconventional. However, I’m near to completing a very messy (but very workable) first draft!

A hint…Dottie has grown up a lot over the last year, she’s got an exciting new job and so with Henry by her side she’s juggling the work/life balance, along with dealing with some somewhat difficult personalities that aren’t her kids… in fact they’re grown ups!

I’ll keep you posted.

But for now, pass the gin – and Happy Birthday Dottie!

(If you haven’t yet read any of The Survival Series – just click here and get ordering)

On Being Proud of You.


When people ask what I do for a living I should just point people to my Instagram profile…
Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 18.07.48

I’m an author, and a writer.

I originally started writing my first book five years ago when I was at home with my youngest son. I’d just finished a marketing contract, and I was exhausted, both mentally and physically. I decided to stay at home and write and decide what I wanted to do when he was a bit older.

So I carried on, and while the boys were little people didn’t take much notice – that, combined with my blog was just a creative outlet, which at the time I suppose it was. I never thought it could turn into anything else.

As the boys got older, suggestions for ‘proper’ jobs became more forthcoming, and I felt like I wasn’t contributing to the household as much as I should. I felt that people thought I was lazy. So I took on more work from home marketing contracts,

In the last five years, I’ve broken up (and got back together) with marketing about twelve times.

My theory being that perhaps the next contract would light my fire like a good old chat on brand exposure used to. It did for a while, but not for long, because it turns out all I really wanted to do was write.

Plus, so many people struggle to see how you can make any money from home, it didn’t satisfy my uneasy feeling that people thought I wasn’t contributing. I would lie awake at night working out how I could ease into the conversation what my hourly rate was.

How much I was worth.

I didn’t even realise it until I read an article by Lisa Owens on The Pool the other day. The intro went something like this…

Asking author Lisa Owens “What do you do?” can bring on an identity crisis and a total evaluation of self-worth. Perhaps let’s just not, she says

…and you can read the whole thing here.

I read that article, and it struck a chord, it made me realise that I wasn’t fully able to commit to writing because I felt the need to justify my monetary worth with something people had heard of.

But really should I be feeding those who chose to endorse that we’re only worth what our financial contribution is, or should we be encouraging people to take in the bigger picture.

Because here’s the deal, I’m a wife, mother and a writer. I write about parenting and being a woman and a mum, I write for myself and other people. I speak on the radio sometimes, and most importantly I have written real life books.

Look – I even made my kids HOLD THEM. 


I love what I do. Sometimes I doubt my own self worth – usually after being foolish enough to compare my rankings to Sophie Kinsella’s. But I’m only just beginning, and actually when I say out loud what I’ve done, I’m pretty proud.

I have gone for my dream (admittedly with eyes closed and holding my breath) and today I realised that I’m more proud of myself as a writer, than I ever was as a marketer.

It might not be a career people know and understand. They might not realise what I do during the day, and they will definitely make assumptions about how I actually earn my living, but I shouldn’t care.

Because when I look at the list of words under my instagram, I think it’s got me covered.