Aimee Horton

Christmas Little Loves


It’s the last #LittleLoves of the year, so I thought I’d have a crack at joining in again – let’s face it, it’s the perfect opportunity to ignore my list on the last day of school/work. YES! This is the busiest week of all, and I am TOTALLY procrastinating. But I have a plan. A CUNNING PLAN. Every time I tick something off my to-do list I get a Quality Street. I AM A GENIUS. *adds eat a mince pie to to-do list*.

Anyway, here’s my hectic Little Loves…


We managed to sneak in a couple of childfree  days away this weekend, where I spent my time reading the amazing Rachael Lucas and also Annie Lyons “Life Or Something Like It” as well as finishing off the amazing “What She Left” by T R Richmond. Not only was it nice to have some down time to read, but everything I read was a great read, not a disappointment in them!

I also got to read Larry’s first story, which made my heart explode just a little bit. 




Er. P.S. I miss Alice.


On our weekend away, Mr Aimee bribed me with mulled wine convinced me a good long walk would be a nice idea. I had it in my head it would be all pottering around little villages looking for a butter dish (I REALLY NEED A BUTTER DISH), he did not. It was raining when we started out – as you can tell I was thrilled to have to don my wellies and fleece lined leggings (COMFIEST THINGS IN THE WORLD).


However, LOOK SNOW!


And we ended the day with wine and my favourite boots.



LOTS of laughter and NOISE. These boys are WIRED. I can’t decide if breaking up from school today is going to be a good thing, or if it’s going to break my sanity!!!



Nothing. NOTHING AT ALL. Except of course lots of gin & tonics.


YES I KNOW I’M A BROKEN RECORD. I’m SORRY. But I MAY have a few books out, not sure if I’ve mentioned that? ANYWAY. If you’ve read and liked one of my books, I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you could possibly leave me a review here and here. It doesn’t have to be huge, just a couple of words, but it really does help me out. 

If you HAVEN’T read one of my books yet, you can obviously buy them here (UK) or here (US). OR coming SOON (hopefully by the weekend!!) you can buy a SIGNED COPY (I know, thrilling right?) directly from here. xxx


That’s me joining in with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat’s #LittleLoves – Have a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… OVER AND OUT.

When it comes to organisation…


Today is the first official day of half term. Today is also my only official work day, and for once, I’m guilt free, because the boys are at their friends house playing. Tomorrow we are going to have a PJ day, and I for one cannot wait – it’s been a busy few weeks.


And perhaps they’ve not been as organised as I originally intended. I had it all figured out

I had it all figured out, and for the first week of school I was on it like a bonnet. I mean…GET THIS.

Uniform – Labelled – tick. All washed ironed and laid out THE ACTUAL NIGHT BEFORE. Shoes were cleaned with actual shoe cleaner I’ll have you know, not baby wipes.

PE kit went in the wash on Friday night, and was back in the bag, and in the main bag by Saturday lunchtime. Homework was done by Tuesday night, and snack for the seven-year-old, well that was just the right cross of healthy and fun. All packed in little reusable sandwich bags with rockets on.

In the car, we’d air guitar to the specially made play list (so to avoid fights about which song to listen to), and we’d take it in turns picking up and dropping off in each others classrooms. After school treats were always in my pocket, and lunch box Friday was packed on Thursday night, although, grr do not get me started – what sort of freaky children opt for a lunchbox for a treat when the cooked dinner menu is actually fish fingers and actual chips for crying out loud.

But somewhere between then and now, something has gone wrong. I’m not sure what went awry first, maybe I forgot to take a PE kit out of the bag, or the washing machine leaked, but now I think it’s safe to admit I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants.

Jumpers are washed with the dishcloth (remember to check the sleeves this time of year), and snack is anything grabbed from the fruit bowl (if we’re lucky) or (more likely) the treats cupboard, and in the car, I have no idea what we’re listening too.

The thing is though, motherhood is generally unpredictable, isn’t it? All it takes is a burst Ribena carton to change a washing load, or an entire uniform on inside out and back to front (EVERY SINGLE ITEM OF CLOTHING) to mean I forget to put homework books back in the bag. My carefully laid schedule goes to pot at least once a day, and I think I’m coming to realise that even though before I became a mummy I was mega organised and in control, now I am simply going to have to firefight for a few more years.

Which isn’t so bad I guess. I mean, I always say I like to be kept busy, I always bang on about liking a challenge don’t I? So with that in mind, I’m not bothered that both boys are probably going to have to sleep in sleeping bags as the dryer doesn’t appear to be actually drying, and the chicken in the fridge was use by the Friday that’s just gone – I’ll just make Mr Aimee sniff it, and if we’re not sure I’m sure we have some fish fingers in the freezer…

… After all if there’s a gin there’s a way. So pass me one please.

What Next?


If you ask my children which school they go to, they’ll tell you they go to the best school in the world. It’s great to hear, and I know they believe it’s true.

My children are very different to each other. We have a seven-year-old who would rather sit on his hands and shrink into the carpet than stand up in front of his class. Yet somehow, school managed to get him on a stage and act. Not just repeat rehearsed lines, but blooming act like the clown he is at home. My nearly-five-year-old is advanced. I can say that now because the teachers agree that I’m not just being a pushy parent. I was terrified that could potentially make him a little turd in the classroom, but his teachers are working with him so he can grow while still be the child that he is.

While I watch my children thrive, I can’t help but worry about what happens next. I know that given the fact my eldest has only just started juniors I probably shouldn’t worry about secondary school and beyond. But I do. If being a parent has taught me anything (other than to never assume the brown ball on the landing is chocolate), it’s taught me that time flies, and I’m very aware that before I know it my babies will be teenagers.

And it seems that I’m not the only person to think about the next step for our kids. Parents from all year groups at Hartsholme Academy are asking for more. That’s why I’m so excited that there is currently an opportunity to put an application to the DfE to extend the current school to include years seven, eight and nine (from year 10, the children would go to the UTC, which has recently opened in the city and runs under the same ethos). I’m thrilled that my children could have the chance to stay at Hartsholme Academy into their teenage years. That opportunity seems not only amazing, it seems like a no brainer, to be frank.

At the moment Hartsholme Academy is gauging interest and finding out which parents would like to know more about a new secondary school. So if you’ve got kids who’ll be moving on to senior school in the next few years, please put your name down. Registering an interest doesn’t mean committing your child to starting year seven at Hartsholme Academy, it’s just about giving all children the opportunity.

If we get enough interest then the DfE will consider the application. So far, the response has been brilliant, but we still need more people to register. So Lincoln parents, when you see the survey monkey link flying about on your Facebook and Twitter, please read it, sign it and pass it on to others. Here’s the link to the Facebook group and here’s the link directly register your interest. Your name could make the difference.