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#LittleLoves – The first time in forever.


I’ve been intending to join in with Morgana’s #LittleLoves since the beginning of the new year, but here we are, at the last of the month and this is my first chance. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, lots of new responsibilities, meetings and of course rewrites and revisions. All I seem to do is tell you how I’m rewriting my stories, but it’s worth it, I promise!

Amanda Jennings - The Cliff House

I’ve been lucky enough to have been sent a copy of Amanda Jenning’s latest novel The Cliff House which is out later this year. I have stalked followed Amanda since she was making final edits on her first novel Sworn Secret and not only  does she have an amazing way with words, but I also think she is one of the nicest people I’ve had the privilege to have met via Twitter. I’ve only just started but can already tell I’m going to be absorbed in it over the weekend.


Have you seen The Good Place yet? Shirtballs, how motherforking good is it? My only problem is that I HAVE TO WAIT FOR A NEW EPISODE EACH WEEK! Are you forking kidding me? If not, go check it out on Netflix.

It’s so nice to have a lighter box set to watch, especially after watching The Sinner (also on Netflix) I need something a little bit easier to watch before bed!

Headphones in, head down, I am trying VERY HARD not to get sucked into Netflix when I’m writing, because once I start, I struggle to stop binging. So this week I’ve been going back to the 90s and properly loving it.

Yummy Toad In The Hole

Last year I fell out of love with cooking, and it wasn’t until we moved into our new house (YES in case you missed it over on Instagram we moved!) that I was reminded of that feeling of peace cooking gives me at the end of a busy day. On Sunday football was cancelled and so I was very happy to potter in the kitchen making this bad boy which is the ultimate snowy day comfort food!


red lips and dangly earrings.

I’m a little behind on the laundry (A LOT) so have been digging to the bottom of my wardrobe (yes bottom, I need to sort that out it’s a mess now) and pulling out clothes I ususally put back because they’re out of my comfort zone. I’ve been sharing them over on my instagram stories if you’re interested.



I’m so excited to welcome some lovely writers back on my site next week for #WriteThinking. One of my favourite things about the writing community is how different we all are on everything from how we approach a new idea, to the writing process, to what to do with the finished piece, and #WriteThinking gives me a chance to have a nosy. It will be live next week and I can’t wait. In the meantime, please check out some of the older posts.



Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

#LittleLoves – School’s Out!



It’s the first week of the holidays, and I’d be lying if I said the kids had totally driven me mad, because they’ve hardly been here. It just fell that I had stuff to do this week so the boys have been at Mad Science camp for two days, and right now they’re currently trashing my friends house. She’s a very good friend.

But having a week with only one day to lie in has made me appreciate how much we all need it, so I’m very much looking forward to spending time with them over the next few days. I bet this time  next week I’m not quite so loving.


I turned to twitter the other day for my next read, and got some great suggestions – all of which are now on my holiday reading list. However I opted for Lie With Me by Sabine Durrant. Currently I’m loving it, although I always find it strange that I dislike the leading character, which I do right now!

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On Sunday we went camping. Have I mentioned I hate camping (check over on instagram before you answer that). But it was lovely in the evening to see the boys frolic around outside the tent and play together like best friends.





When we got back to civilisation we started watching BOSCH on Amazon Prime. It’s in the same league as 24. AWFUL but I can’t help but LOVE it.



Progress!! I’m working on a new project – which isn’t Dottie related I’m afraid – and it’s got me buzzing. I’m so excited about it, and hope to share it with you all in the a few months…



I might have hated camping, but I loved the excuse to wear my new leopard print joggers. I KNOW not to everyone’s taste, but they are cosy and lovely!

IMG_4456 (1)


Apart from somebody humming at 5.30am while I was camping (GRR) I’ve been listening to Oh Dear Silvia by Dawn French. It’s the first Dawn French book I’ve read/listened too, and it’s not at all what I expected…but that’s not a bad thing! I also love how they’ve done the audiobook, it’s almost like a radio play than somebody just reading a story.



And Lastly…

On Friday 1st July I launched – along with my two amazing friends Kate and Charlotte THE TAKE. A site for women by women. Please check it out and let me know what you think. There is also the opportunity to submit your own posts and we’ve already had some amazing ones and that makes me happy. 

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#LittleLoves – Not the best of weeks.


In the last week, we have been in hospital three times, for three separate reasons and people – but the first two paled in comparison to thinking that Theo might have meningitis, or one of the many other things that spin through your head when you are sitting in a hospital waiting room with a poorly child.

He hasn’t got any of them though, and at around 9pm, after a day filled with amazing doctors and nurses looking after us, we were allowed to come home. I have never felt more relieved or grateful for coming into my house to noise and mess.

Therefore, I think that after the week we’ve just had, it’s important for me to join in with this weeks #LittleLoves – a reminder that every day, even when something is not going well, there is always something to be positive for.

Excuse the lack of photos in some of them!


It’s not been a good week for relaxing with a book, but yesterday at times, I took advantage of my kindle app on my phone. After finishing The Missing by C L Taylor, I am about a third of the way through The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell. I wasn’t sure it was going to make it past my three chapter rule, but actually it’s drawn me in which I’m relieved about, I would hate to hate a Lisa Jewell book!

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We had a hiatus of shitness on Sunday, when we went to a friends birthday BBQ. I spent the afternoon watching people laugh in the sunshine, and these monkeys enjoying some time out together.



GIN. Obvs. (Bloom Gin, Slimline Tonic and Strawberries)


I’ve also made a gorgeous recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Superfood cookbook. Indian Roasted Cauliflower. YUM.



I can’t actually remember.


I’m currently listening to The Girls by Lisa Jewell (I bloody love Lisa Jewell) on audiobook, whether I’m driving about or unable to sleep audiobooks are a lifesaver, although this one is so interesting I’m not sure it’s helping me fall back to sleep!

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And Lastly…

They say things happen in threes, so hopefully my three is done and dusted. PMA is the way forward, so today and the next week are going to be awesome. Otherwise I’m setting Larry on them!