Aimee Horton

When you’re part of the Bad Mums Club – Second Child Complacency.


Ok, here’s the thing, I’m feeling a bit of mummy guilt right now. In fact, the last few weeks have left me with about six-years-worth of #BadMumsClub posts, but right now the one which I need to talk about, is second child complaceny.


Do you think before you speak?


I  know I’ve touched on it in the past, but I’m still struggling with the concept that the minute you fall pregnant you are legally exempt from the usual day-to-day rights when it comes to your body and your personal life…what? wait? A voice in my ear is informing me that in fact that isn’t true. That the minute you announce your pregnancy you do not give up your right to privacy and it’s not ok to be told what to do. (more…)

Things I said I’d never ever do as a parent.


I often talk about the difference between what I thought when I naively ventured into parenting, and what the actual real-life reality is. By talk, I mean shake my head in pity at the naively enthusiastic corporate minded previous me, and weep into my gin. (more…)