Aimee Horton

I had the time of my life.


On Saturday I went to a ball. A really life, grown up, charity ball.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a posh do, I’m thinking probably pre-children, and it’s normally the sort of event I’d go to with Mr Aimee, however as it was my pal organising it, we decided just to go as the girls. (more…)

Autumn Style Wish List


Ok, you know how I love the summer and moan about the Autumn and Winter? Well I have a little bit of a confession to make… (more…)

Secret Shopping


I love shopping. I mean, really love it (except jeans shopping). There’s nothing I love more than walking into a shop and being drawn to various items of clothing going “oooh look at that” and “OMG THIS! THIS!” The only thing that rivals the buzz of spotting the perfect shoes is getting a lovely review on one of my books. (more…)