Aimee Horton

Best autumn comfort foods that won’t ruin your waistline


Cold damp days, dark evenings and early morning mists all herald the onset of autumn. This is the time of year when the summer salad doesn’t sound so appealing but you want to retain your figure while eating nourishing comfort food. (more…)

Sausages, Red Onion and Blackberry Gravy with Potato Cakes


It’s been a while since I’ve posted about food.  Not because I’ve stopped thinking about it, just because I haven’t stopped eating it!  Last year I was lucky enough to be sent some FABULOUS vinegars from Fred and Bex and so I’ve been happily trying them out, mainly in the savoury side of things.


Red Pepper and Gnocchi Bake


I love this.  I first made it out of sheer desparation not to be beaten by a colic screaming 6 week old baby.  I remember it well as I ate it with my fork rocking my pram back and forth.  It may have been one of the times I’d suggested to Matthew that I’d “changed my mind”. (more…)