Aimee Horton

Mussels with Tomato & Chilli Sauce


You sometimes you just REALLY REALLY fancy something?  That’s how I was yesterday.  It’s been ages since I’ve had mussels.  We went through a phase of always having them, but somewhere along the line we fell out of the habit.  I think it was when we came back from holiday after living on king prawns and dorada. (more…)

Hot and Spicy Prawns


Curries are possibly our favourite meals of all time, especially on a Saturday. (more…)

Gin & Tonic Prawns


I love Gin.  I love Prawns.  I love stupidly naughty food. Therefore when I came up with this recipe for G&T Prawns a few weeks ago to say I am in love with it is a total understatement.   Plus it’s DEAD easy. (more…)