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#LittleLoves – A Few Nights Away.


It’s “that time of year” isn’t it? The time of year when the children are excited about the summer holidays, and all the stuff going on before. We have meetings about my baby starting school (MY BAYYBEEE), we have transition days where my eldest goes into Year 3 (juniors for CRYING OUT LOUD) and MY BAYBEEE spends the day in ‘retetion’ – I’m not correcting him. It’s the time of year for deadlines, LOTS OF DEADLINES.

But amidst all this, while the children aren’t sleeping or behaving like teenagers, and they’re eating me out of house and home, Mr. Aimee and I snuck some time away. Without the kids.

This is where you all close my blog down forever.

I don’t blame you, because you know what’s coming.


I read a lot this holiday, it was so nice to read books without having to put them down every twenty-blooming-seconds. So nice in fact, I’ve made the decision, since I have no freelance contracts until the kids are back to school (but I still have 2 books to edit/write) , to set a bit of time aside a day just to read. I’m also totally following Mostly Yummy’s lead and I’m going to post what I read every month on my blog. YAY!


So while in Malaga I read Colette Mcbeth, Lisa Jewell and David Mark. All three were amazing and I’ll tell you about them in a week’s time.


The world go by. Again, out and about with two small monkeys you can’t always find time to drink in your surroundings like you can when it’s just two of you. Whether it was sitting peacefully in a bar watching people go about their days, or whether it’s wandering around, it’s so nice to take things in. It was wonderful to get to know Malaga, it’s totally gone to the top of my favourite city list.

bytheharbour beautifulsundaymorning anotherstreet smallfountain nightime nighttime church


SUMMER CLOTHES! After a week sitting wrapped in blankets at my computer, the sunshine was welcome. Plus, for the first time in a long time, I actually felt happy in my own skin. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED. I didn’t wear a bikini – I don’t any more, I just don’t like it. But I was thrilled that without the protection of my trust bowed mirror, I still felt happy. HURRAH!




I have nothing to report here! I heard a lot of lovely Spanish which I’m desperate to learn so we can eventually seriously consider a move abroad, and the pool had tunes playing while we lazed, but nothing stood out.


NOTHING! I MADE NO FOOD FOR AN ENTIRE WEEKEND!!!!! So instead, look what other people made. #SorryNotSorry

IMG_9376 IMG_9267 IMG_9278 IMG_9186


I came home to an email which stuffed up a few things if I’m honest. Being a freelancer sucks at times, and for about three hours it undid all the relaxing that the break away did, but then I sat back and remembered a man I’d bumped into at the pool.

He was away with work, he’d extended his flights by a couple of days so he could have some time in the sun before heading back to the office. He hated his job, really hated it – even though I’m totally envious of him travelling for meetings in Malaga. And when he asked what I did, he reacted in a way only a stranger can react. He was totally impressed. He couldn’t believe I’d given up a career to follow my dream. Most days I can’t either.

He said “I hate my job, I have loads of money, but I hate it. I wash I was brave enough to step out of my comfort zone to go for what I want.”

Comfort zones are really a bit of a nightmare aren’t they? I mean, they can totally hold you back from giving 100 per cent as to what you want, especially when the impact isn’t just on you but those around you. The thought of stepping out of it is blooming terrifying. But remembering our conversation, I felt lucky. Yeah, I might have to make a few adjustments, but it’s ok, because I will have more time to dedicate into making my books the best they can be, and the children to make sure they’re as happy as can be. Or at least, not as annoying.


Joining in with #LittleLoves hosted by the totally amazing But Why Mummy Why?


An alphabet of food fables…


There’s no point denying it: when it comes to our kids, we will tell them just about any sort of shit to get our own way.

Oh, don’t look at me like that – we all know it’s true. I’m not saying we do it with everything but we have our little areas that as a parent niggle us until we fall onto the boo-hawkey wagon. For me it’s food. Oh, and sleep, and drawing on walls, but let’s just focus on food for now!

Having been a fairly food-phobic child, I am determined that my children will not fall into that category. So with my kids, not only am I strict, I lie. Perhaps “lie” is a bit strong. I “stretch the truth”. All the way through the alphabet…

A is for Apple and them making your teeth strong – and when they’re wobbly helping up the tooth-fairy’s going rate.

B is for Broccoli, which are teeny tiny trees. Go on, eat one. Pretend you’re a giant.

C is for Carrots, which help you see in the dark – everyone knows that.

D is for Dips that aren’t tomato sauce. It’s the same as ketchup, just a different colour.

E is for Eggs, scrambled, fried, or ‘boobie’ (poached) They’re good for your brain, they help you think.

F is for Fish, which obviously helps you swim. Bonus swimming-underwater-points if the fish isn’t breaded or battered.

G is for all things Green. They make you grow. The more greens you eat, the taller you get. Always useful to use after a day at a theme park..

H is for Hashbrowns, granddad’s favourite breakfast.

I is for Indian food, which makes your trumps extra loud. Expect lots of sniggers.

J is for Jam Sandwiches, Granddad’s favourite… oh I’ve already used that.

K is for Kiwis, which help you jump high. Extra high if you eat the seeds.

L is for Leeks, which look like an ordinary vegetable, but they actually help you read minds. What am I thinking right now? THAT’S RIGHT!

M is for Mushrooms, they’re not vegetables – after all – what vegetable is beige?

N is for Nuts. Especially peanut butter. They give your brain energy. As long as you’re not allergic.

O is for Olives, which are just like grapes. 

P is for Pizza the go-to food. I’ve never had to lie about this.

Q is for Quinoa. It helps you think. It gives you energy. It’s Spider-Man’s favourite food. When you eat it, it makes you taller. Nope, no amount of lying will work with quinoa.

R is for Runner Beans. They make you run faster – obviously. It’s in their name.

S is for Spinach, which will make you strong. A Popeye clip on You Tube should do the trick.

T is for Tomatoes, which are Spider-Man’s favourite food. Why do you think he’s red?

U is for Umeboshi, oh who am I kidding – I haven’t a clue what it is or why it’s in my cupboard.

V is for Veggie Burger, it’s just the same as a beef burger.

W is for Wine. That’s mummy’s juice, it makes her big and strong, and able to cope with anything.

X is for extra-good-to-help-you-sleep food. Bananas, porridge, crumpets and milk. They all help you sleep.

Y is for Yorkshire Puddings, which are horrible. Give them here, mummy will take them off your hands.

Z is for Zucchini, which helps you speak different languages… because “zucchini” is Italian for zucchini!

Do you have any other recommendations for food fibs? I need all the help I can get…


Survival of the Ginnest


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When You Love The Little Things


It’s week 48 of #littleloves hosted over at But Why Mummy Why?, and while I know I don’t join in with a post every week, I really do love reading everyone’s happy moments!

This week has been busy. Again. I’m coming to terms with the fact that my life is BUSY. What worries me is I think it’s only going to get busier!!!  (more…)