Aimee Horton

So you think you don’t like gin?


I love gin, I think that’s obvious from all of my social media channels, oh and my blog name…plus they feature heavily in all of my books.

However, I hear some of you aren’t necessarily a fan, you don’t get the appeal, you think it’s a tad tart…sour even.


Now, I see what you’re saying, I really do. But it’s just a matter of how it’s been served. You CAN get it wrong, so here are my top five tips to learning to love gin – because to be honest – it’s the only way you can survive in this madcap world.

  1. Find your gin.

If you’ve dismissed gin because you had a quick Gordons and Schweppes at the pub, this is your problem. All gins have their own flavour, it’s worth finding your own. I can’t tell you my favourite, but if you’re looking for something smooth go for Aldi (I’m not kidding) Bombay, Plymouth or Bloom. For a stronger flavour Hendricks, Opihir, or Adams Copper House.

  1. Pick your mixer.

It doesn’t always have to be tonic. I’d fully recommend if you find it sour, get rid of full fat tonic all together. THAT’s what makes I it sour. Instead, opt for slimline tonic. Alternatively, bitter lemon, ginger ale or apple juice also make amazing mixers.

  1. Make sure your mixer is fizzy.

Flat tonic is grim…in fact, all drinks that are meant to be fizzy, but have turned flat are. Except coke – flat coke is surprisingly good for a hangover. But that’s beside the point. If you’re not drinking G&T regularly it’s worth splashing out on the serving sized bottles and tins so that you never have the disappointment or grossness of a flat first sip.

  1. NEVER use lemon.

It’s just NOT WORTH IT. At the most bog standard use a slice of lime. If you’re not into citrus there is a world of options. My current favourite is a couple of big fat strawberries. Although, mixed berries (blueberries and raspberries) are nice. Apple is amazebogs, and if you’re feeling really healthy cucumber is just the bees knees – especially if you have it with ginger ale – go on, try it.

  1. Ice Ice Baby.

Just like a flat mixer, no ice makes the drink defunct. I like to keep reusable ice-cubes in the freezer so that I never run out!


So with that in mind, and the fact that it’s Friday, I am setting you a task – go forth – and try gin – and let me know how you get on and what your favourite combo is!

Happy GIN Day!


What a gin day it has been, I may have had a glass of gin after my brunch this morning (Williams Chase GB Extra Dry in case you were wondering) and then after a fab night at Elton John last night, we went to collect the boys from my mum and then it was straight off to a party with Iron Man.

As an aside, why do we stand behind our children while they’re eating at birthday parties? I have never understood this, I just go along with the flow and stand behind my child as he ignores me, or tells me that he’s had enough and can he go and play.

Then I came home and dumped the boys are Matt so I could do one thing, and one thing only. FINISH DOTTIE.


Technically I finished it yesterday, bar about 500 words, which at the time I wrote “BLAH BLAH BLAH fill in some crap here” but that’s not really good enough is it?

So I changed “some crap” for “something” and added “The End” and sent Mr Aimee into Sainsbogs for gin. Unfortunately he didn’t have any ID so they wouldn’t serve him, so I had to go in myself.

I had no such problem.

If truth be told this draft is a bit of a mess. Well, a lot of a mess. I spent a lot of time trying to be a grown up proper author and write a plot and an outline, and break it down by chapter etc. However, I should know by now that I just need to wing it with the first draft. Luckily by the time I got to the 30k mark (!) I realised that and the second half of the story came a lot more smoothly, and now I’m done, now I’ve written the majority of THE END I can start from the beginning and go back and make things right.

I’m actually rather excited.

So with that in mind, I’m raising a glass of my new gin Whitley Neill and enjoying the rest of the weekend before I crack on with the hard work.

PicTapGo-Image (5)

Because not only do I need to get cracking with making Dottie work for you guys, but I also need to get cracking with this lot.


Yes, that’s right, that’s two baskets worth of laundry that needs ironing/putting away (this is why we all look like tramps right now). But it’s ok, that’s just what happens when you focus all your attention on writing a book.


Anyway. HAPPY GIN DAY! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I’ll see you on the other side of my second draft!


PS. If you’ve read and enjoyed any or all of my books and haven’t had chance to leave a review yet, I would really appreciate it if you clicked here for and here for and just left a few words. Reviews could be the difference between somebody buying or not buying a book so I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER if you helped people decide to buy. x


Life Lately


There are some bloggers that just get in your head (Alison, Molly and Morgana I’m looking at you), and yesterday no different.

I was sitting looking grumpily at instagram (instead of happily) then I flicked onto twitter…which I have no idea why, because that makes me always grumpy and despondent. But for once it didn’t…I happened to catch Molly’s latest post called “Life Lately” and as always, she hit the nail in the head.

Like her I have exciting (totally not meaning to be cryptic) things happening. I’m also nearly at the end of my draft of the next Dottie novel, and the sun is shining. When you’re pulled this way and that, sometimes your ideas for blogs are clouded. Right now I have loads of ideas, they’re just all pants when it comes to writing them.

So instead, I’m going to embrace Molly’s idea, and this is my life..lately..


Me writing

I’m on fire with Dottie. Getting to THE END is going to be amazing, but I know that this draft is going to need a lot of work. I’m trying to remind myself of the quote “the first draft is always shit” one I tell myself all the time, but by golly, there’s shit, and then there’s the runs. I’ll be looking for Beta readers soon though, so please get in touch if you’re interested.



Theo went on his residential last week. In fact this time last week I was just willing him to come home, and was very relieved he’d managed to not break something abseiling down THIS ACTUAL TOWER.


*throws up in mouth*

While he was away I feel very lucky that the school was closed for polling day, so I got to take Larry to the farm and spend some quality time with him. We used to visit the farm a lot before he started school, so it was lovely to recreate it. Even though we did end up having a very in-depth discussion about why things cost what they do in the gift shop and why we can’t cross out the prices and write a cheaper one on with pen.

Larry runs


I was bloody glad to get this one back though…



Mr Aimee and I worked out that it’s been quite a while since we have managed to bin the children off let the grandparents have the kids overnight, so when our friends suggested a night out we JUMPED at the chance.

Although I have to say, I enjoyed sitting in the garden with my book thoroughly too.



Mainly my dungaree’s if I’m honest. I don’t care what Mr Aimee says (that I look like a drunk kids TV presenter) I LOVE THEM.


I’ve also loving my slogan tee’s & sweats right now. I feel very proud to be able to support my fellow #Mumboss mums…well support or their tops make me feel like I might be cool one day.


FEARLESS TEE by Tease and Toes



GIN AND ON IT Sweat from Parent Apparel.

Anyway, now I’m off for a photoshoot…she says really casually…