Aimee Horton

When you love the little things.


On a very special week where the owner of this Linky But Why Mummy Why launches her amazing online shop Little And Fierce here are the little things keeping me happy. (more…)

Sausages, Red Onion and Blackberry Gravy with Potato Cakes


It’s been a while since I’ve posted about food.  Not because I’ve stopped thinking about it, just because I haven’t stopped eating it!  Last year I was lucky enough to be sent some FABULOUS vinegars from Fred and Bex and so I’ve been happily trying them out, mainly in the savoury side of things.


Sausage & Cranberry Casserole with Potato Rosti


Sausages are one of my favourite foods.  They shouldn’t be, I KNOW they’re bad for me, but proper spicy Lincolnshire Sausages are just great all year round, in the summer on the BBQ, and when it’s this time of year, cold and chilly, there’s nothing like sausage and mash – but I like to add a little extra.  The cranberries make it sweet, and pack it with veg so technically it’s good for you. (more…)