Aimee Horton

Novel news.


So the floating has continued on. Even though I’ve got the second novel outline nearly sorted, I just can’t focus.

I’m working away on various ‘boring paid work’ tasks, which isn’t helping my motivation, and suddenly sorting socks and polishing the coffee table seem far more important then actually sitting down and cracking on. (more…)

When it’s getting close.


I often joke about being part of the Bad Mums Club but with the release of “Mothers Ruined” being a matter of weeks away, I’m really feeling it.

I don’t need to tell you that writing a book takes a lot of time and effort, but even I didn’t realise how absorbed I would become in the “cleaning up” stage, the bit I’m in now. After all, the story is written. It has been for weeks, and I’m on my third set of edits. Beta readers have come back with their feedback, bloggers have been prepared to read it, friends have listened to me hyperventilate over coffee, text message and cake. 


When you’re a year older.


It’s my birthday, birthday, ha-ha-happy birthday… (for those who watch Nick Jnr, that song will be in your head for the next twenty-four hours…you’re welcome).

So yes. Today is my birthday, I turn 32, and as I type this blog post I’m sipping a glass of fizz while I wait for my sweet potato fries to cook. I say fries,they’re more wedges, I couldn’t be bothered to cut them any thinner.