Aimee Horton

Stampy (longhead)


It’s been a while, but as I’m struggling to find the peace and quiet to sit and film a vlog (see previous blog post about working from home with the kids here), I figured I’d pop the boys in the limelight again. This time we have spent a lot of time talking about Minecraft, and even more talking about Stampylonghead. (more…)

The Cinema


It’s half term. It’s raining. It’s only day two but I’m worried about cabin fever, we have soft play tomorrow, and the outlaws are taking them off my hands on Friday, so today the Cinema seemed like the obvious choice. (more…)

Daisy Maid.


As hard as it is having a strong willed and opinionated three-nager and an  nearly-six-going-on-sixteen-year-old, I have to say, I think I’m loving how they think.

I love the way my boys talk about things, and I think it’s hilarious when I get their thoughts on stuff we take for granted.

We went to Daisy Maid after school today, and here’s what my boys thought.