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On The End not being The End.


#WriteThinking Writing a Draft

I used to get excited when people would ask me ‘how’s the book going?’

‘Good,’ I’d say. ‘I’m near the end of this draft!’ I’d reply. 

‘When’s it out? Where can I buy it?’ 

‘God knows, I still have edits etc. to go through, and then somebody has to like it and want to publish it.’

And then I get the sympathetic head tilt.

‘Oh, so you’re writing it, and you have no idea if you’re going to be published? That’s a bit risky isn’t it? Can’t you just tell them your idea then write it when you get a deal?’

‘No, so keep your fingers crossed.’  I’ll smile, my bubble deflating. Automatically my brain whirs and I start with the ‘what if nobody wants it?’ and ‘what if it’s actually shit?’ wittling.

I’m not the only one of course. I’m sure most, if not every, author starting out feels like this, and if they don’t they discover it along the way. Writing a book, especially when you’re trying desperately to transition into the more traditional side of things, isn’t just 80 thousand words of wonderfulness and a quick upload to Amazon and overnight success, getting it turned into a film and becoming a millionaire. Sadly for my ‘house in spain’ plans, it’s a lot slower going.

This is – I think – the fifth time I’ve written THE END for this story.

It was an idea I’d binned six years ago, but brought up with my agent. With her encouragement I wrote the first draft. One character for the first half, another for the second. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Except of course, it wasn’t, after some discussion we decided to alternate.

So I did massive restructure. Then some revisions, and and then more. Finally we sent it out for submission, and I started a new story I’d been gagging to write. Then we got some feedback, sadly it wasn’t the six-figure deal including a Netflix series and Claire Danes playing my lead, but it was something I could grab onto and think about. It will help me move my career forward, which I found rather exciting.

Plus, nobody came back with a “HAHAHHAHAHAHA WHAT A BIG PILE OF POO!” like I was dreading, which was, you know, nice.

So, I decided to give it a go, start a fifth draft, which turned out to be a total re-write, and today I wrote THE END for that rewrite, and the feeling of excited exhilaration that I used to feel has been replaced with pleasant relief.

I celebrated with a coffee and a malteser reindeer I’d been hiding on my desk for this moment, and now I’m continuing to celebrate by going all the way back to the beginning, and tweaking all over again.

So, even though The End is still a celebration in itself, it isn’t the actual end, it’s just one step closer.

On Missing The Blog


I think it’s safe to say, I’m not the only person who’s found 2017 a bit of a whirlwind.

Personally it’s been a massive learning curve, one that I’ve enjoyed. YES I may have had a tantrum or two, I may have been filled with self doubt and considered packing it all in and becoming a driver for Domino’s Pizza…but as my husband pointed out, I would be fired for pulling up and stuffing my first delivery into my gob. Hmph.

I’ve redrafted and tweaked, and revised my novel for over a year now, and as I approach the stage where I send it back to my agent with everything crossed, I can’t believe the progress I’ve made. It’s a totally different, but (hopefully) improved book, and for once I feel quite proud of what I’ve achieved.

But saying that, I still feel that I’m missing something when it comes to writing, and after a bit of soul searching I realised I missed updating my blog. I was quite surprised when I discovered this, I mean, how can I miss writing about writing, when in real life, when people ask about it, I get all flustered and embarrassed and feel like a fraud? How can I miss updating you on my #littleloves when I always tell people how boring and dull I am?

Who knows? But I do, so I’m going to make an effort to keep you up-to-date with things…whether you like it or not!

The other thing I realised this year, is how much I love being part of the writing community. Authors are a very supportive bunch, and there was a wonderful thread about empowering women writers started by @myfanwycollins a couple of weeks ago which you can read here …. It made me realise how happy my old #writethinking section on the blog made me. A place for writers at all stages in their careers to write a post and share their thoughts… Which is why I’ve decided to revive it. There are some very exciting new posts coming in the new year, but in the mean time you can check out some older posts here, and if you’re interested in joining in just get in touch.

And with that, now it’s dark outside, I am going to pour myself a sneaky gin and snuggle down with my book.

Happy New Year to you all,

Aimee x



Happy GIN Day!


What a gin day it has been, I may have had a glass of gin after my brunch this morning (Williams Chase GB Extra Dry in case you were wondering) and then after a fab night at Elton John last night, we went to collect the boys from my mum and then it was straight off to a party with Iron Man.

As an aside, why do we stand behind our children while they’re eating at birthday parties? I have never understood this, I just go along with the flow and stand behind my child as he ignores me, or tells me that he’s had enough and can he go and play.

Then I came home and dumped the boys are Matt so I could do one thing, and one thing only. FINISH DOTTIE.


Technically I finished it yesterday, bar about 500 words, which at the time I wrote “BLAH BLAH BLAH fill in some crap here” but that’s not really good enough is it?

So I changed “some crap” for “something” and added “The End” and sent Mr Aimee into Sainsbogs for gin. Unfortunately he didn’t have any ID so they wouldn’t serve him, so I had to go in myself.

I had no such problem.

If truth be told this draft is a bit of a mess. Well, a lot of a mess. I spent a lot of time trying to be a grown up proper author and write a plot and an outline, and break it down by chapter etc. However, I should know by now that I just need to wing it with the first draft. Luckily by the time I got to the 30k mark (!) I realised that and the second half of the story came a lot more smoothly, and now I’m done, now I’ve written the majority of THE END I can start from the beginning and go back and make things right.

I’m actually rather excited.

So with that in mind, I’m raising a glass of my new gin Whitley Neill and enjoying the rest of the weekend before I crack on with the hard work.

PicTapGo-Image (5)

Because not only do I need to get cracking with making Dottie work for you guys, but I also need to get cracking with this lot.


Yes, that’s right, that’s two baskets worth of laundry that needs ironing/putting away (this is why we all look like tramps right now). But it’s ok, that’s just what happens when you focus all your attention on writing a book.


Anyway. HAPPY GIN DAY! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I’ll see you on the other side of my second draft!


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