When you have to pick your battles

Toddler Moment of the last 24 Hours: Theo telling me that I had big boobs and no tummy.  He’s a liar but I love him.

Baby Moment of the last 24 Hours: Larry slept from 11.30pm until 7.15am

Today started off well, Larry hardly cried when he had his jabs yesterday, and also as a result of them slept from his 11.30ish bottle until about 7.15…I did keep waking up to see if he was still breathing he was so calm (normally he grunts and snores more then his father!!), but had a good nights sleep, and Theo woke up in a good mood, not crying like he normally does (I think he thinks he’s been missing out if he’s been asleep!).

I’m looking forward to going back to work.  As much as I adore my boys, and I do more then the world, I’m looking forward to not having a 20 minute argument about whether somebody has done a pooh or not (he blatantly had, I couldn’t walk around the middle floor of the house without wanting to vomit, and hardly dared to light a candle!).  I’m a little bit nervous tho’ it hit me today, my day is going to be very different…I will no longer be able to pretend I don’t understand what somebody is trying to say when I don’t want to enter into certain discussions…well I guess I could, but I’m not sure it would get me very far?! I’m no longer going to be able to change my clothes 3 times a day (admittedly this is because I’m usually covered in sick or not, but I like the fact I don’t have to settle on an outfit!), and most sadly, I’m no longer going to be able to get away with eating fish fingers and chips and beans for lunch.  Sad times 😉

Today I’m trying a new tact with Theo – mainly so I don’t beat him around the head with one of his many rejected toys – and I’m picking my battles.  Instead of “chocolate toast” (nutella on toast) I gave him honey on toast…he wasn’t happy, but we compromised with him being able to add additional honey onto the toast.  Basically he was eating honey with a side of toast.  I let him help me empty the dyson (defeating the object of emptying it when I had to hoover it all back up off the hall floor again), and I let him pick his own outfit….he looks like a hobo.

In fact, currently our only two significant arguments of the day were me insisting we don’t sit in the car outside all afternoon after being to sainsburys (he didn’t want to “go in home” for some reason, and wanted to “sit in the car”)…and me explaining that Larry still needs me to feed him milk, and no he can’t just stay in his chair on the landing.

Currently I’ve done two major mummy fails today.  I’ve secretly looked into whether Larry can have more of whatever they jabbed into him yesterday…and Theo fell asleep on the lounge floor on my new cushions <sob, he’s drooling on them> and I’ve not dared wake him up…I’m going to pay for this at bed time.

Other things to note…I don’t think I’ll be able to go running again for a little while, my scar has started hurting when I cough and is achey over night.  I had pizza last night to compensate…not sure that’s the best way of doing it.  May go for a swim, but not sure I want to face the world in a swimming costume yet…I wonder if spanx do swimming costumes?!

Best go and wake the beast and offer him some dinnah.



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