When the boys stick together

Toddler Moment of the last 24 Hours: Putting him to bed.

Baby Moment of the last 24 Hours: Super duper chuckles

Today is my day with just Fat Larry.  It’s a lot more laid back then my days with both of them, so I spent the morning with the gorg’ little lad cleaning, he happily fed, played, laughed, slept, fed, slept etc. while I cleaned round him, playing on the computer a bit, catching up on 90210…omg…I can’t believe I wasn’t born rich…gutted, although, would they all really have this sidekick phone or whatever it is? Surely they’d be on the old Blackberrys/Iphones?

ANYWAY…then I decided to pop to Next (found the perfect wallpaper for the dayroom…just got to convince Matthew it’s perfect as recently he seems to think he has an opinion…not sure where that’s come from, but I feel I should humour him for his sake)…and Sainsburys.  Larry is always an angel, he happily behaved in Next when I picked up my wallpaper sample, he happily behaved in another shop where I picked up the scented candles (you can’t live with 3 boys and not have scented candles trust me), and when we got to sainsburys, he gave me enough time to pick up the necessities for dinner (Lemon Chicken ala Lorraine this morning), and then as soon as I headed back to the home and gadget and clothes aisle he kicked off.  This is so unlike Larry it’s unbelievable…except last time we were in Sainsburys he moaned all the way round…and Theo always complains at certain shops that Matt hates too…Boots, Debenhams, Top Shop, French Connection….basically anywhere I spend money my boys complain.  Has Matt paid them to prevent me from spending money, or is this some sort of gene that’s built into boys that make them tight?  Whatever it is my sons are traitors. Harumph….they have yet to suss out when I’m doing free stuff online and when I’m spending money – HA HA.

In other news, I have fallen in love with these shoes and feel that they’re meant to be, but am struggling to justify them before I’ve even started work… and tonight I have a man coming to talk about cleaning my house *does a little dance* this is probably something I’m more excited then I should be, but woop woop it will be fabulous to actually have a clean house without having to do it myself…stating the obvious I know.

Anyway, I better go and tidy up…before the cleaner comes (don’t want him to know what a slum we currently live in), and get the boy so I can fling them both in the bed!

Take care


p.s. Is there a way of keeping Larry’s dummy in his mouth? If he spits it out and tantrums one more time I may resort to the masking tape!

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